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“HERE HE COMES!” a poem, a.k.a.: “No Place Like Gone!” in the series: “Life Can Be Pretty Sad Sometimes!” written and posted on: August 19, 2019 (Monday)

“Hi, Alicia! Hi, Trey!

Look! Another – glorious day?!”

I see them in-The-Lobby,*

As I’m-doing a-favorite hobby,

Making origami – for-Sidney, my Friend,**

Sitting in the easy chair! You know? I tend,

To be here in the morning time,

And, while-waiting-for-Sidney, I-wrote- this-rhyme,

About WAITING FOR SIDNEY! (He walks out through THAT door!)

He is – right on schedule – going across THAT floor!

“Hi, there Sidney! How-is-it-going?”

And there’s Sidney – with a “cheeky” smile a-showing.

He’s one-of-the greatest guys I’ve ever really known!

HERE COMES SIDNEY! I’ve never heard him moan,

‘Cause he’s an example – for-us-all-to-see,

Of HAPPINESS! and KINDNESS and, especially, HAR MONY!

And He ALWAYS comes through with a jaunty step!

“I love you, man!” “I love your pep!”

fin ♥

  • – of: The Historic Holland Hotel, Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.

** – “Out of the blue” one day, my Friend Sidney, the chief maintenance man at The Holland Hotel, has his picture in The Obituary Section of the local paper The Alpine Avalanche!! I read that he was suffering with terminal cancer for nearly the last two years! Dang! but I STILL always see him here, in The Holland Hotel Lobby, whenever I go sit, to drink a little water and fashion a piece of origami or write a little poem! Heaven knows I miss him! Even though, I STILL see him walk through every day I go and sit! There are some tears in Heaven for a wonderful guy! My tears! for Sidney Jacobs! [Pictures: Sidney, his beautiful wife Alicia and his wonderful son Trey.]


I got it really BAD~I’m sexy silly

“SECRET CODE!” a poem for those “TERRIBLY” in love, like: “I Got IT, Really Bad!” August 19, 2019 (Monday) Descriptions of: [an] amorous technique[s] that would surely be blocked by social medias, IF they COULD decipher the hidden meaning(s), which can ONLY be deciphered by those who are (you guessed it!) TERRIBLY in Love!

Here goes!

Ticky wicky with da pinkie,

An’ da kissy – in-da stinkie,

Will massage da postur-ass-tie,

To exude-[some]-da fluid nah-sty!?

So, very-gently – to and fro,

In da pook-sky – wid yo’ bro!

Boy, must kinda let ya know,

How da poopy-it-can-go!

Use da gel or spittum to,

Do-da-deed-a-wid oily goo,

An’ wash id-good around-da-bum;

Yeah, after-ward ye-still-migh’-cum!

Very nice! Be tender, girl,

Shazzin’-off not-ev’y pearl,

So, no friction-he-must en-dooer;

Make ya baby kinda purr!

Well, dat’s eet! Well, was-‘t nice?

An’ don’ fo-get – a little spice,

Like jasmie, myhrr or rose-a-petal,

Is good!-owen: DON’-USE-GLASS! [K?]


fin <3

Lord save us. He’s had 70 years’ training for the job, and he still can’t do up his own buttons!

Silly English humour for the day

God save the Queen

Who’s going to save us from the future King of England 😜🤪

Mad mans diary ~

“IF LIFE IS TOO TOUGH, FOR GOSH SAKE[S], GIVE UP!”* a poem Aug. 19, 2019 Monday!

Y’-know, Honey, life is just pretty dang rough!

Whether you’re in a cruise ship or not, it’s still mighty tough!

Even if you’re married to the kindest girl or the nicest guy,

It’s STILL no “cake walk!” This here’s WHY: (a very long, long pause here! Thanks!)

“I DON’T KNOW!” There! I-said-it; I-said-THE-WORDS;

THIS LIFE! It’s just – it’s JUST: “for the birds!”

Because birds will sing sweetly EVERY DAY;

OF COURSE! We-don’t-know-how-many(birds)are

Bi-polar-or-Schizophrenic, hay?


And the others hide in the trees, “flipping us the bird,” and,

If we-could, we’d-hear-them say:

“LIFE IS TOUGH! Life sucks! My feathers hurt,

And – to the dry cleaners last week, I took my shirt,

And they over-starched it! at: Stupid Sparrow Cleaner!!!!

So, it’s-uncomfortable-to-wear today, so-I’m NOT-even going out, and I haven’t eaten much today (except chocolate!) and my partner Robin is getting meaner!”**

Life is simply TOO TOUGH, too tough for US ALL,

Except for GOD!? who has “a plan,” giving-Her/Him “Unlimited Call!”

It’s a standard, Divinely Optional app. on [His/Her] tele-pho[o]ne,

And [S]he’s always in a good mood, being as [S]he lives on-The-Moon,

And so [S]he has no one to really bother Her/Him, as [S]he sings:


And – Therefore, NO ONE CARES – IF [S]HE’S (really) “OUT-OF-KEY!”

fin ♥

* – or wait until Tuesday!

** – Most birds only talk in what we would call “run-on sentences” because they are “bird brains” and simply chatter on and on, never giving anyone pause so that they could interject “a word in edgewise,” so as to clarify and ask a question or anything like that, and it makes me just so mad to have to interpret those angry birds that live outside The Little House, demanding food and attention all day long, and they even wake me up in the morning sometimes!