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Mohammad Hassan Al-Bayati has been found guilty of kidnapping a 3 year old girl and then masturbating in front of her.

Mohammad Hassan Al-Bayati has been found guilty of kidnapping a 3 year old girl and then masturbating in front of her.

His excuses will make you sick !

In December 2016, Mohammad Hassan Al-Bayati took the three-year-old girl from the DFO shopping centre playground at Homebush while her mum was shopping. The then 29-year-old masturbated in front of the girl for about 11 minutes, in a secluded area.

Imagine her horror for 11 minutes, she would have been desperately trying to get back to her mother, she would have been desperately trying to get away, to be anywhere but where Mohammad had her, and was holding her while he committed his monstrous acts.

Mr Al-Bayati responded to the call for the lost little girl and found her, however rather than returning her safely to her parents and protecting her from danger like any half decent security guard would,…. he took her to a nearby corridor and exposed himself to her.

The girl and her older sister had been dropped at a children’s playground while their mother did her shopping. 30 minutes later Mr Al-Bayati, dressed in his centre security uniform of a white collared shirt, black pants and shoes, approached the girl in the playground.

He then spoke with her for two minutes before he was spotted on CCTV footage holding her hand and guiding her away from the playground. Which you can see in the last shot on the poster. Cameras from inside DFO Homebush show Mr Al-Bayati then walked down one of the centre’s corridors and into a locked fire exit stairwell.

Mohammad Al-Bayati was arrested at his home on Bow Bowing on the following Wednesday. He was charged with committing an act of indecency with a child and taking a person with the intent to take advantage. His charges were later upgraded to include kidnapping.

Al-Bayati admitted taking the girl into the stairwell but claimed he was trying to find her mum, later suggesting the girl was looking for a cockroach. Al-Bayati’s barrister said there was not much evidence about precisely the way in which the girl was assaulted, and the DNA found on the girl, suggests any touching didn’t last long.

You have got to be kidding me ! His defence is THE TOUCHING DIDN’T LAST LONG !


Didn’t last long, what kind of an excuse is this, that’s like saying “Well your honour, the evidence suggests his death didn’t last long, so it’s not really a bad murder, now is it?”

In a victim impact statement, the girl’s family told the court, “our peaceful family life was destroyed and never to be the same again”. The family said they were proud that “she was able to tell police” what happened. We at FACAA are very proud of her too, what a brave little angel.

Her mother said her family were “in shock for several weeks” and that she had recurrent nightmares and separation anxiety. The Crown said the girl thought Al-Bayati was a policeman. The family is now trying to teach the young bub that “not every man in uniform is a predator”

As always, if anyone knows this little girl’s family please let them know we would happily offer to help her and them with our Phoenix program. She is already braver than any fighter who represents FACAA, so we know she has the heart of a fighter.

Al-Bayati’s denial of any wrongdoing was a focus of the Crown’s sentencing submissions on Friday. They say the former security guard was given multiple opportunities to explain what he was doing in the stairwell with the child but he had no answer at all.

This shows a complete and utter lack of remorse and lack of compassion for his victim. He is almost denying any wrong doing what-so-ever which shows, he WILLno doubt RE-OFFEND !

Al-Bayati remains in custody ahead of being sentenced on August 27, of course FACAA will bring you any and all updates.

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Broken Hearts slithers of glass fractured ~

“BROKEN HEARTS, TRYING TO SAY HURRAY!” a poem, written for Sunday, August 18, 2019!

Broken Hearts!? Yeah, Broken Hearts are just laying all over the place;

I think that one might be mine? over there – the-one-with-the-pout-y-face!

When I picked it up, it was hot and cold;

It’s really pretty shattered! Well, I never was too bold,

Making more-or-less more “mistakes” than anyone I know,

Trying to deal with anything! Yeah, Love will come and go!

But, as I turned away (O. M. G.) I spotted ANOTHER ONE!

I’ve GOT TWO Broken Hearts! Geez! This isn’t very fun!

One, you-know, is REALLY (I think) quite enough;

Now! TWO! I don’t BELIEVE I can be so gosh darned tough,

To deal with TWO HEARTS BROKEN! But, wait! There’s ANOTHER!

Oh my! Oh, my! Now THREE! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Brother!

But, WAIT! As I look to and fro,

They’re ALL DESIGNATED “your broken heart!” and it’s EVERYONE I KNOW!

So, we’re ALL laying broken, crying in the sand?

And I just decided to pick-’em-all-up – and take ’em to The Backyard Land,

Where I stroked-and-fed-and-comforted-THEM – and read ’em some verse!

I declared, “We’re only human?!” and I hoped they wouldn’t all curse,

LIFE! or ME! ’cause We’re all so separate! AND TOGETHER,

And I really wasn’t sure – I wasn’t to-sure whether,

Any lives can be lived here, without having almost daily heart breaks,

But I tried to put all The Hearts together, while-everyone’s saying:


And we really don’t know (can you teach us, Mystic Poet) LOVE’S SWEET REFRAIN!



And, then, I-gathered-all-the-hearts-together,

and I-think-I-heard a little “Hurray!”


This letter is to you
The you, who had that hurful week
That you are allways under a terrible cloud
You are incredible, hang on in there
You have so much talent and so many things to do
You have time
Please hang in there you can do it 👑💫🌹

Dinner with silly Barry ~

“DINNER WITH BARRY!” a poem, a.k.a.: “The Choices We-Make Are The-Dreams That May-Come; Sometimes Integrity* Is-Just Hiding In Our Bum!” August 18, 2019, Sunday

I had a-dinner with Barry; it was poign-i-ant and grand,

To see my-friend-Barry again – and to-HOLD HIS HAND,

To hear how life has changed for him,

And-about “descriptions:” “MEAN” -and-“PRIM!”

Of: “NARCISSISTIC” “tendencies!” and “CHAOTIC” too!


I thank him for-the-reminder: THAT PEOPLE, THEY HAVE CHOICES!

I think that’s why SOMETIMES – We tend to raise our voices,

And label things (of course) SIM-PLY-as WE PERCEIVE,

Which-is-inevitable! And, sometimes, SIMPLY (pause) one must leave,

“For the sake of ME,” I say; “and the way I AM!”

It helped me remember (for instance) that-some, they-are-born: “A Ram,”**

An “Aries,”** based on circumstances of their birth,

But (I think-for-instance) no one’s a “congenital liar” when-they’re-born-on-MotherEarth;

Rather I-THINK-that people CHOOSE to lie, based on what they think they MUST do,

To get by each day, to keep body and soul together – and to-help themselves be “true!?”

So, I’m pretty sure NO-ONE IS “A-LIAR,”

BUT – They might choose to lie away! or BE – in a choir,

Yet, that DOESN’T MEAN – that John IS a liar or that Don IS a singer;

Rather, I think it means:



& Barry’s chosen – to-be a bringer,

Of modest, decent considerations – and honesty to This World!

Yes, that’s what YOU CHOOSE TO DO, as Cody is gently curled,

Upon your perfect, anxious lap,

Acting-as-a-comfort, while-taking-a-restful-nap!

I guess you helped me realize: THAT I (pause) THINK PEOPLE CAN CHOOSE,


Yet, although-you-MAY-be-right, i.e.: That THEY ARE exactly what they seem,

I-would-CHOOSE-to-believe that INHERENT IS ALTERABLE, and I had a dream:

I had one last night after dinner:

“Two people came to me, ‘A-Saint-e!’ (pause) and ‘A-Sinner!’

They JOINED HANDS and CHOSE to agree,


But both turned to me and said: “You-know, we’re JUST THE SAME,

But our choices might prompt you – to stay – or turn away in shame;

But ONLY because YOU HAVE CHOSEN to be,

With CERTAIN FOLKS – AND – to depart! careful-ly,

From others whom YOU HAVE CHOSEN to avoid,

Because, YOU HAVE DECIDED, based on how some have ‘toyed,’

With your affections that they will (might) hurt,

YOUR CHOICES and, therefore, perhaps-it’s-best-for-you-to-skirt,

Away from them – to-maintain YOUR integri-ty,

Which-really (I think) simply has to do – with “THAT SPECIAL CUP OF TEA,


OBVIOUSLY!? Can’t-we CHOOSE to drink our tea QUITE CLEAR,

Or add some sugar! and even (dare I say it?) even have a beer,

Or chose to react – or respond – to someone else with fear?!”

We can chose “to protect ourselves?” from the choices of others,

Even though (I think) ALL OF US – are “Sisters” and “Brothers,”

And there ARE tendencies, but I think choices can TRUMP the “lean,”

And make most anyone A TRUMP, not really mean,

But a chooser of mean-ness, whom I BET might be seen,

At some distant, hopeful uncertain date,

To CHANGE (HIS) HEART – and-maybe-ap-preciate,

THAT KINDNESS TOO, although sometimes out of view, IS ALWAYS “THERE,”

& couldn’t Ebenezer Scrooge (like anyone?) change his stripes & care,

For others and their feelings – in (shall I say) “A Barry-ian Way,”

Where we CHOOSE to “barry” lies and meanness! at least for today,

And proceed, as we feel we probably have-to or must,

To get by each day! (pause) For, Barry, I trust,

In YOU! (pause) and in Cody too,

To rise above it all, And to gently “call,”

On others to choose “The Best” they can-be,

And I-THINK-your-EXAMPLE-of-“excellent choices” is-ex-em-plar-y!

You CAN (or could) barry the hatchet,

Or you COULD BE – like Nurse Ratched;***

You COULD BE barry upset – and yell and scream,

Or be BARRY CALM – and-say: “This-is-a-dream,

And I shall react to it – with style and grace,

And I CAN barry judgment – and be KIND, in the face,

Of impossible odds – and un-cer-tain-ty,

And be barry objective, not barry-ing potentially hurtful memories or any feeling,

But-observing-barry-carefully, and-making-the-barry-best-choices,


fin ♥

Sometimes, if you just sing a song, it helps:

  • – INTEGRITY: the state of being whole and undivided! 🙂 – Good luck with that!

** – An “astrological” designation, based on what time of the year a person is born!

*** – a seemingly scary and forceful person who demands that you conform, since THAT is (t)he(i)r job to make you . . . conform!

Congratulations with that to 👑👑👑

Love is eternal ~

“PHIL CAME TO VISIT SUNDAY!” a poem August 18, 2019 (Sunday)

He came over to visit just this afternoon!
My buddy Phil! Good ol’ Phil! He’s really quite “the loon!”
“Phil” means LOVE, and he knows-a-lot!
About-“love,” I guess! Here’s-some-of-what Phil’s taught:

* Romance dies out very soon!
* There’s only a temporary phenomenon of “flying over The Moon!”
* The only “unions” that last – are just two people accepting a dull routine!
* & – All “loving” couples separate pretty quickly; they get lazy or mean!

“Well, thanks, there, Phil, for reminding me again,
That HAPPY-is-a myth; your thoughts? are-going-IN-THE-BIN!
Yeah, Phil, I know – Appearances seem to substantiate every bloody thing you say;
However, I STILL DON’T BELIEVE IT! AND – I don’t believe much of anything else I might hear about today!

I DON’T BELIEVE: in Romance Novels, but I like the fire and steam;
Nor-in Medical Technology! It makes me wanna scream!
I don’t believe THERE’S NO – pot of gold over The Rainbow;
And I don’t believe THERE AREN’T “Silver Linings” in clouds that show!

I believe I LOVE YOU, Phil, but I don’t love your point of view;
And I think when I pour my gold on the clouds – MY TRUE-LOVE’S-inside-there too!”

“Well, that’s JUST STUPID,” said Phil, after I “said my peace!”
“Phil,” I said; “Good buddy – do you think your pessimism will ever cease!?”
“Heck, NO!” said Phil; “Besides, I-don’t want love or a lover,
I just want peace and quiet, a house – and a car that I can cover,
To protect it from the sun and rain, and I wanna live out my life with ease!”

I cried a little when Phil left the house – and I got down on my knees,
And I thanked LIFE for my wonderful family and a girl I’m crazy for!
And for PHIL, I thought: “Each-day, you-know I love him more and more!”

fin ♥

Really uplifting for folks in pain today. We all need to read the postive words. Professor thank you for sharing this with all of us today. Somewhere in the world today people have forgotten that true love is valuable to nourish our inner souls. Who said ‘ love makes the world rock’ wow those dudes know it does Rock . Wise INSPIRATION