J Jay Samuel Davis

Bob Marley ~

J Jay Samuel Davis

The Drama Club ~ Texas

“THE CLUB!” a poem 16 August 2019 (Friday)

Welcome to: HOME! Welcome-to-CLUB!
Everyone’s welcome! Blub! Blub! Blub!
(Everyone here seems-to-be “going down fast!)
We’re all pretty sure – nothing-“good” will-ever-last!

There’s way too much stress, and we’re trying to cope;
We-try-to-be-“uplifting,” but mostly mope!
We put on a smile – and-say: “We trust in God!!!” a-lot;
A bunch of us have moved to Colorado! to smoke continuous “pot!”
Yet! POT MAY NOT “DO IT,” for-something-else-is-liable-to-arise!
Most of us sit around:
(select one or more): THE OFFICE! THE HOME! ANYWHERE! & cries!

We’re-the “Things-Are-Out-Of-Hand-Club,” and NOTHING’S WRONG?!
OR – We just can’t put our finger on it! We’re-seeking-a-happy-song!
We’re plotting strategies!? Here are a few-oo:
(1) You may not be thirsty, BUT – water-still-may-be-good-for-you,
So, you might wanna drink water regularly each day!*
(2) “Even if you’re not too hungry at breakfast time, eat something!” I say,
But you needn’t force or gorge yourself much!
(3) If-you’re-tired, you might-just skip-exercise! AND-NAP, to-get-in-touch,
With that still, small voice – within your soul;
(4) Holding it in all the time can take its toll;
(5) IF you’re SUDDENLY feeling A LITTLE better, don’t over-do it,
(6) And-that-room-cleaning-you’ve-put-off-for-a-while, you could try-&-get-a-round-tuit;
(7) (But mainly) Try to be a little easy in your life;
I KNOW! That maybe seems next-to-impossible, Dears, but “I’fe,
Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain,
So EASY, EASY (believe-it-or-not) WE’RE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT,
The “THINGS-ARE-OUT-OF-HAND-CLUB” was made for you-and-me,
To-realize-that most-of-us-are-overstressing, and-it’s-OK-to-take-it-eas-sy,
And take a few hours (or a day) off, IF YOU CAN,
(8) & BREATHE! Inhale and exhale: It’s the “main responsibility” of man,
And – woman too – and Animals, they’re usually pretty smart:
fin β™₯

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