Australia – Melbourne – Victoria – St kilda

the original Palais in St Kilda Melbourne c 1915, In 1853 William Kenney opened a bathing ship, which along with the pier became one of St Kilda’s major tourist attractions. But it was the coming of cable trams in 1888 that really transformed the area into the pleasure zone of the metropolis. In 1906 this […]


In memory of HARRY

“I do not like to go to bed,”Sleepy little Harry said;“Go, naughty Betty, go away,I will not come at all, I say! “ Oh, silly child! what is he saying?As if he could be always playing!Then, Betty, you must come and carryThis very foolish little Harry. The little birds are better taught,They go to roosting […]

Cult leader James Salerno ~ Australian News

Cult leader James Salerno has been sentenced to10 years behind bars for 8 counts of ‘unlawful intercourse with a child’ ! “Unlawful intercourse with a child”, seriously? James Gino Salerno the 72 year old leader of a cult, once based in the Adelaide Hills, who repeatedly sexually abused a teenage member of the group has […]

No More Deaths on our Streets

An amazing heartbreakingly beautiful memorial for Musa this evening in Stoke Newington, #Hackney.. Over 100 people simply gathered in solidarity and to remember a ‘homeless’ man who came into so many lives. We looked to the future.. This can’t happen again. Let’s hope something more comes from this.. We will be starting a #StreetsKitchen in […]

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