Michael Hyde πŸ₯΅

β€œLollipop man” Michael Hyde, has been convicted of filming himself sexually abusing children as young as 22 months old ! 22 months old is a baby ! A defenceless, innocent baby and this monster filmed himself sexually abusing that poor toddler ! Of course in stereotypical child abuser form he has denied his crimes all […]


Top secret neighbors come to town©️

“TOP SECRET!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Numinous Neighbors!” Sunday (August 4, 2019) Hush!-Hush!-We’ve-done-some-“research!” ’bout-our-new-neighbors-‘cross-the-alleEy! And-we-can-only-say: “It’s-prob’ly-‘Agent-J!’ ” &-his-wife, code-name: “Mata Hari!” * There’s a son over there: “code-name”-a: “C!” ** An’-a–dog-‘n’-a-nother-boy! Don’t look-at-me!’ The whole thing looks suspicious (pause) for “J” hails from Mon-tana! But-they-look-all-together-TEXAN! and-I-ain’t-seen-no-bandana! Plus, there’s-a-Scottish-name! “Beam us up there, Scot-TEE!” And they’re cleanin’ […]

Scarborough Fair~

“SCARBOROUGH FAIR!” * a poem, a.k.a.: “A Diversified Portfolio!” 4 Aug 2019 (Sunday) “Stay loose and limp! Breathe long and sigh! Do not believe – all-the[se]-things-‘catchin’-your-eye!’ Diversify your-‘portfolio’ with 20% to-The-“Arts,” 20% to the government! and 20% to smelling f – – ts! 20% might-go to-your Cabin in-The-Wood, Where you-can-grow-some-lettuce, just-like-our-forefathers-could, And raise a chicken […]

The Mystical Poet Laureate ~ our Professor

“PLEASE DON’T READ THIS!!”* a poem, a.k.a.: “Life is A Lecture!” for Sunday, August 4, 2019 There’s a BARDO!** and – a Brando!*** A panda – and – a Landau!**** With my “X” (wife) asking “[wh]Y, [did] Bob up-and-die?” I just sigh! When St. Paul said: “Death’s a GAIN,”* I interrupt: “Yeah!! But-life,” I explain, […]

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