You’re perfect to Bob ~

“A POEM FOR BOB!” a poem, a.k.a.: “You’re Perfect Too!” a.k.a.: “In The Promised Land (Of Perfection)!” a.k.a.: Be of Good Heart, Good Bob!” Wednesday, the last day of July, 2019 – to: My Friend Bob, on the eve of his celebrating his perfect existence! THE WAY YOU ARE – IS THE WAY YOU BE! […]

Cuteness overload ~

“HER CUTE!” a poem for: M* Wednesday: 07/31/2019 “Cute as a bug’s ear,” smiling wide! If you don’t fall in love with HER, you’ve prob’ly died! Because – she’s SO CUTE – the angels cry, And Jesus Christ?** Well, He’ll just-gently-sigh, When He thinks about “M,” for She’s-cute-BEYOND-WORDS: She’s got: A CUTE FIGURE, A CUTE […]

Dear Delicious Poet ~

“DEAR POET, IT’S-OFFAL, WHERE’S-IT-COMING-FROM? * ARE YOU PULLING-IT-OUT, RIGHT-OUT-OF-YOUR-BUM?’ * WELL, PERHAPS YOU’RE WRITE, YOU-MIGHT-SAY-THESE-WORDS, * ARE A-BUNCH OF DESPICABLE, POETIC TURDS!’ ” a poem written on or about: Wednesday, July 31, 2019, to end “International Origami Cow Month!” “Sales are udder-ly pathetic, but, even though we LACK-ED-t-[e]el-evated sales, we will NOT cow-er, expecting lots […]

No one loves me ๐Ÿคช

“MAKING ARRANGEMENTS FOR MY DELIGHTFUL REPTILIAN VACATION!” a poem, written on or about the last day of July! I’m “booking” a trip – to-a-stinky-ISLAND, where-salamanders roam! * I’ve had ENOUGH – of Life as-it-is; it’s a-terrible-old-poem! * Lucky-folk-die-so-why-can’t-I? and end “this tale of woe?” * No one loves me! No one needs me! Of-this, I […]

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