“WHO NOSE WHAT I CAN DO!” a poem, a.k.a.: “”The BIG-MAC-GIRrrrL Knows[Nose]!” “A Little Risque!” Aug. 26, 2019 (Monday)

“WHO NOSE WHAT I CAN DO!” a poem, a.k.a.: “”The BIG-MAC-GIRrrrL Knows[Nose]!” “A Little Risque!” Aug. 26, 2019 (Monday)

My boyfriend Derrick’s nose – is in my pussy 24/7!

“Get out of there, Derrick1” “But, HONEY! I’m in Heaven!

Would you kick me out of Heaven, my darling, my dear?”

So, I started “a derrick company” called: “Pussy,” where you need not fear,

Being kicked out of Heaven! Yeah! Well, how could I have kno[h]wn,

That Heaven was “there?!” South!? You-know: just “Under Do[oh!]wn!”

Then, my doggie Tiny’s nose – is in there too!

“Tiny, Honey, with you – what am I to do?”

(But Tiny just ignores me, and sticks it in a bit more!)

Tiny’ nose is a little cold, but does not make me sore,

Like when a little mouse stuck its nose in there,

And rushed inside, [for shelter], scampering over my (pubic) hair!

Now, I have a mouse inside, giving me little kisses!

“PUSSY, who could have guessed that one day you’d have a limited number of pisses,”

Because I do not wish to pee all over My Heavenly Court:

Derrick! Tiny! mice! and-others!? It’s such a busy port!

Well! Jesus “knows” (pause) (that)

Being in there – is a lot of fun!

Come to find out, Jesus is a Big-Mackerel, and that’s no pun!

He’s REALLY – a big, ol’ fish, so the fishy smell in there, he LOVES!

For my part, I don’t really care for fish; I prefer oven basted turtle doves,

And monkey brains! and “nose of lamb,”*

And Big Macs! with a little spam!

You all might like to know, I’m working on being a contortionist,

So I can stick MY nose in there too, and be-with-and-among “the-best,”

For, as the saying goes: “Many noses make for a happy twat!”**

Well, I really don’t know (about that),

But a lot of them in there I’ve got!

fin ♥

  • – I’m just kidding about the lamb!

** – a little known saying fromThe Mystic Poet


Luke Le Bree~

Most beautiful God, my Lord thank you for holding me in a difficult time of my life when I could easy feel alone yet you are there and all your children of Creation whom love you and your ways as I do. Most holy Father allow the energies of your creation touch my soul and through your son allow my heart touch my brothers and sisters of your love. Let me see clearly the beauty of your holy path and bless others with the holiness that it is blessing me. Help me to rise above my temporizes that fail to see the joys of life itself, and know as one with all that’s created true and remains that I have the joy to participates in it as well with all who are yours. Take from me my worldly pain and feel the true softness of that which is beautiful. I call upon all my family of friends to draw close to the love that gives us uplift and Guides us home. Love our God and let it be that which brings much richness to our souls when being with all our beloved. My final words for today for all of you is (” I LOVE YOU” ) Blessings.

Facebook Dating Site ~

“STARTING OVER AGAIN!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Facebook Fiddling* Can Burn Up All The Money In Your Accounts!” August 30, 2019 (Freya’s Day!)

“Oh, JOY! MY ACCOUNT(s) IS (are) (pause! get ready!) CLEAN!

ALL MY MONEY! I’ve been ‘scammed!’ Now, I glean:

From experience that I should NEVER ‘FIDDLE’ around – on Facebook!

I gave ‘them’ INFORMATION! and ‘they’ done took-A [SPECIAL] LOOK!

THEY TOOK! A LOOK! at-me! (pause)

I-guess! “a patsy” THEY did see,

AND – every account I HAD (had, had, had)

Is-gone! I guess THE GANGS, found me [to be] a silly lad,

With a pitifully, sympathetic HEART,

Which – simply LOVES to SIMPLY part,

With, for instance, a little cash for lovely, lonely “CINDY LU LU,”

From Nigeria!”

Yup! CINDY’S “a gang” too,

And She-got maybe-$10? PLUS – all My Account Info,

AND – every account connected with me,

Yeah, baby! Don’t-cha know!

NEVER DOUBT! These “gangs” are extremely so-phis-ti-cated;

They’ve had a lot of practice, AND THEY’VE (also) CONGREGATED,

Together – to clean accounts – from NAIVE-folks like me!

So, ANYWAY! Thank God! Now, I’m clean, with-no-mo-ney!

CLEAN! CLEAN! minus a “mill” or more in those accounts!

I wonder! Whether! They’re insured? if-not! I may not have “an ounce,”

Of wherewithal, sweet wherewithal – to now- NOW draw -up-on!

I (and-others with accounts related!) HAVE-LOST-WEIGHT,


fin ♥

  • – The Internet Gangs out there will FIDDLE with you AND fiddle, as “Your Roman Accounts” BURN! and ALL OF US are susceptible! THESE GANGS are SO clever! “They” have drained accounts from some of the most talented and sophisticated people, AROUND THE WORLD. It’s THEIR JOB!**

** – to get YOUR money! They ARE “that” good! 🙂 – Yipes! $$$$$$$

Face time ~

“I NEED YOUR FACE!” a poem, for Friday, August 30, 2019 a.k.a.: “There’s Just Something About A Face You Love!”

Maybe it’s the eyes, Windows to some Divine Source?

But I don’t know! I really don’t know, but – in your face, there’s force,

To captivate – and soothe and excite,

And make my existence feel all right!

I adore your eyes – and your nose, with nostrils flared;

Your eyes can close so tightly! Of course, who really ever dared,

To stare too long, for fear of being LOST,

IN LOVE, but – it-is surely “at any cost,”

That I must act, when I become a-gi-tated,

And call: “I-MUST see-your-face! How long I’ve waited!”

I think I’ve waited all my life – to find you, find you “here,”

And I-need to-play catch-up, after all the terrible fear,

Which I’ve spent, not knowing why!

It was: I was so scared (that) I would fail-to-find “your-eye!”

Plus-this: I could only imagine the curves of your lips,

Your rosy cheeks – and the splendid dips,

In your-dimples, which I-might-image as-you-gently-smile!

I can-take a mental picture, but all the while,

Every feature changes, yet still I want more,

With-my-tongue here-and-there, licking every pore!

Others will look on – with disgust and ridicule,

Saying (that) “My Fantasy with Your Face” just-shows-I’m a bloody fool!

Yes, I suppose, but THERE’S SOMETHING, and it makes me crazy,

Yearning to see your face ONCE AGAIN (pause)

[“When I’m-not staring, it-gets just-slightly hazy!”]

fin ♥

Little white lie ~

“PRETTY MUCH WHATEVER YOU DO [I F D O N E W I T H L O V E] WILL BE OK!”* a poem, August 30, 2019 (Friday)

Telling a-little white lie, in my opinion, so she doesn’t get upset,

Is pretty-much OK – IF DONE IN LOVE, it’s-usually a good-bet!

Pretty-much any “terrible” thing you do,

Is OK, BUT [there-are] SOME things to avoid, a few:

Like – watch out for BANK ROBBERY – or shooting everyone in the mall,

And, speaking of that – probably ANYTHING that DOES have to do with “maul!”

Oh, yeah, and anything that might cause a pregnant girl to have a miscarriage!

And! (in some states, at least) “polygamist marriage!”

Those are some of the ones, “off the top of my head,” that I would suggest you decline,

But mostly everything else DONE IN LOVE should be fine!


But – missing her anniversary (on purpose or otherwise), I just wanna let you know,

That you should get her, like, TWICE THE STUFF, when you finally remember!

And, now that I’m thinking about it – touching her every intimate member!

Although we were warned about that as kids, and, even if it makes her scream,

Well, I think you’ll find (IF done with LOVE),

That might-just “put-you on-The A Team!”

Anyway, so, re: WHAT YOU DO: “Do whatever you do with caring and love,

And, I think, usually your efforts will be blessed from ABOVE!”

LOVE’S SOMETIMES CRAZY! but, heck, Life can be short and not so sweet,

If you don’t take a few chances!

So, take a chance occasionally! and


fin ♥

  • – Be aware, there MAY be some exceptions to this rule!

Little white lie

“NEIGHBORS! THEY’RE NEW! 2 (The Sequel!*)” a poem, after gathering more information on our new next door neighbors! Surprising! August 29, 2019 [Thursday]

“NEIGHBORS! THEY’RE NEW! 2 (The Sequel!*)” a poem, after gathering more information on our new next door neighbors! Surprising! August 29, 2019 [Thursday]

We figured it out! re: OUR NEW NEIGHBORS! y’know? The ones with the violet/purple/burgundy roof!**

THEY’RE ACTUALLY ROYALTY! Here, for-your-perusal – is the-proof:

Well! (pause) of course the purple roof color maybe should-a- been a give-away;

The assassination phobias? Well, those are body-guards! (We found out yesterday!)

There are, you might guess, not only body guards, but also TASTE TESTERS. to make sure their food’s OK,

Court jesters! and Ladies-in-Waiting! and LAWN GAMES! (like cro-quet!)

AND – Our neighbors speak with AUTHORITY! CULTURE! and Savoir Faire,

And they have a few people following them, with-freshener for the air,

Because “ROYALTY should never breathe the air of the COMMONER,” they say!

[You-know, it’s GOOD – to keep things pure and stuff – and keep the germs away?]

BUT they are NOT snobbish! They seem always VERY polite,

And they’ll sometimes come over to-end the-day with-a-lovely-“Good-Night!”

Yet, at night (LATE AT NIGHT), when we’re alone – and tucked away in bed,

We hear unusual noises over there! Every night, I-think they’re-maybe getting RE-WED,

For, as I understand it: ROYALTY, true royalty – celebrate a birthday – each cool night,

And/or a wedding! and many other celebrations because they wish for-a-life so bright,

CELEBRATING their HAPPINESS! is what Royalty TRULY will always do,


For-LOVE! of-ME-&-YOU!

fin ♥

  • – Originally, we were pretty sure we were in BIG trouble with the new neighbors, moving in next door! Well, that might still be – BUT, since that last poem, written on August 27th, we have some updates! Surprising things!

** – I swear the color seems to transform itself daily! We’re almost certain that it’s PURPLE! Maybe I should post pictures and we could take a worldwide survey! 🙂