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Warning Don’t Do It 😓

“THE IMPLANT INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!” an enhanced poem(!!) a.k.a.: “Welcome To Our Little Surgical Horror Show!” a.k.a. 2: “Don’t Blame US! We’re JUST Giving YOU What You Want!!” 

Hello! All you little bodies! [IN-all-these-cells-we-dwell!]

We don’t KNOW What We are, and there’s no one who can tell!

BUT! Whatever we might be, we’re in THE BODY ORGANIC,

A zillion teeming cells – trying to be dynamic,

Maintaining cohesion-and-structure, and The Bible quite suggests,

That OUR CELLULAR FRAME’S MAGNIFICENT! It moves around & rests,

And, in this day of MIRACLES! and CURES! Let’s attend THE HORROR SHOW:

For-we-have-become-MAGNIFICENT!? We can MEND these cells, you know!?*


We, as earlier stated** are-all-quite-mad! (and) have-spent,

MILLENIA – Eye-ing IMPROVEMENT – for-our-GLORIOUS-betterment?

So, we alter what we do-not understand, and tear-up each living “tent,”

CASE 1: “My breasts! They need a LITTLE boost!”

Can we stick in something EXTRA? So-in-the-feminine-we’ve-now-unloosed,

Gel or goop with inorganic sacs,

To infect – our precious girls – as they carry gorgeous racks!

CASE 2: Your TEETH, Dear! ‘Cause wooden dentures – weren’t too real,

So we’ll try metal – alloys – hard -as-nails – mercury! and steel!

And they (certainly) WON’T leak? or deteriorate? or, if they do, NOT MUCH,

But! How much is too much? Amalgam-tattoos-&-metal-brain-cells-as-such!

Yet, WAIT! Try, try again! SUPER PLASTIC? Herculite?

Looks almost real – and stays in! Well, it’s in there – real tight!

And leaks A BIT – but – can NOT hurt,

At-least! That’s what dentists do assert!

The same with gold – the caps – the crowns,

Stick ‘em in! We’re a bunch o’ clowns!


And – let’s all alter – the food we chew!

CASE 3: The mesh pads – for herniatic tissues:

“Oh, they won’t deteriorate – you’ll have NO issues!”

BUT! They do TOO! and so IT tells,


And THINK – that no reactions shall we find,

Except (maybe) new diseases – of bodies and mind,

And IF our health and bodies fail,

We-applaud! Medical-procedures-we-hail,

AND – the next improvement – from The Chemical Lab:

We CHEER, as we whittle, on-the-health-that-we-HAD!


May read this “rubbish” and – simply rant:

But I guess I don’t care; I’m just glad (somehow),

That someone might link THEIR*** intentions – to Mao,****

AND – IF I die in my sleep – from leaked out “crap,”

Maybe what I AM – will draw you a map,

To a NEW conditional realm (Where we’re STILL “insane”),

But! Maybe not SO stupid – or so bloody inane! 🙂


    • maybe NOT 🙂

** – In other poetic offerings by The Mystic Poet, that belligerent whistle-blowing no-good-nic!!

*** – The surgeons of alteration and betterment!!

**** – An excellent Chinese dictator with, also, questionable intentions, perhaps!


Some have paid with their lives.

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