The continuing saga of the spider girl ~

“VANESSARACHNOPHOBIA!” a poem July 12, 2019 (Friday, Popcorn Day!)

[in a continuing saga of Vanessa, The Spider Girl, who is taking the world over, one bank at a time!]




Our “spidey-whitey-tight-in-her-nightie” SPUN! quite-“outta-sight;”

Her web – of intrigue and death shimmered


She-did-“the-SHUFFLE,” pretty-bored (“BOARD”), yet examining all the souls,

All the lost and lonely! Her eyes were smoldering coals!

The tightest fitting garb she had, ’twas s[e]in-sual de-light,

And many-unwary “flies” found entanglement, all right!

She SPUN, as-she-danced, in provocative-y motion;

Her smell-a-and-her-look formed -a-perilous -deep-ocean!

Vanessa, coy-coy spider, snared-many -a-young -pis-TOL;

I saw her, while-peering – through-a -filthy-cracked Cryst(o)al!*

I watched her, and-once! She looked up – AND I KNEW:

She-WAS – out-of-her-mind with-lust for-This-Crew,

For-this sad company of-yearning-&-lost-men,

The food-a for her passion to satisfy her yen!

Yes, our-bank-worthy-spider-“DEALS!” in-Yen-Francs-Marks**-&-Hearts;

She’s-a-diabolical-“EXPERT” in-finance-and-other-sinister-arts!


  • – Ole Crystal Bar, Holland Avenue, Alpine, Texas! Karaoke on Thursdays!

** – Reichsmark, German currency

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