“Tennessee Waltz ( 1959 ) – CONNIE FRANCIS –

A RETURN TO B A L A N C E !” a.k.a.: “The Stream of The Balanced Dance!” March 21, 2018 – Wednesday.

There’s-a-PLACE (?)

A place we know,

It is not fast; it is not slow,

It is a place we like to go,

A place called “BALANCE,” to-mend-and-sew,

Your tattered-ness of Heart and Soul,

And reach each treasured, hopeful goal.

“Why are so

Few people


I asked one day, of friend Kabir?

He simply said: “It is unclear!

Perhaps it has to do with fear,

Because existence tends to steer,

Us quite away from what is dear!”

Advaita’s “balance?” = “God” is near,

To ALL our Hearts; we need just peer,

Into ourselves – and Love is there,

To guide us true – away from “care,”

But “God” is great; yet “God” is good,

A thing defined? WE NEVER COULD.

And, as we touched and kissed and cried,

‘Twas Leo Tolstoy that I spied –

He was quite young, without a beard,

And, through glad eyes, he gladly peered.

He smiled, as he passed us there!

I took his hand!

He said: “HOW DARE,

You take just one fine part of me,

And, with a start, we hugged, you see!

I felt such Love – ‘twas all around,

And WE all danced, until I found,

Not only Leo, but-Kabir-too,

And Alan Watts, with me and you!

We’re dancing in a meadow green,

Beyond all measure – WHAT A SCENE!

ALL my friends; it was so fine:

Ananda May,

Marlena’s wine,

Did drip from lips of Truth and Daring,


The dance, with caring,

Floated we, in this glad bliss,


Never miss,

To know that TIME, it is your Friend,

And balance, it need never end,

We drank some water, food and wine,

And all around THE SUN DID SHINE,

And, PLEASE, Friends, NOTICE:




fin. <3

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