Stroke yourself, life is just an experiment ~

“I HURT AND JUST WANT SOMETHING TO HELP!” a poem a.k.a.: “Just Smile And Stroke It!” 17 July 2019 (WEDNESDAY)

Life’s AN EXPERIMENT! to: Find Relief,

From: Boredom!-Pain!-Uncertainty! and-especially BELIEF!

I’m BORED! [so] Stimulate me!!!

I-hurt! A: Then-seek-a-medical-com-mun-i-ty!

I-still-hurt! [So, I-wanna-make-someone-else-hurt!!!!]

I-don’t-KNOW! A: Then-learn! and-YOU’LL-PROBABLY?-BLURT,

OUT-“THE-TRUTH,” which-is-just repeating what-you-heard!

My Beliefs!! They-keep-me-from-flying [away] like-a-bird!

I-wanna-ESCAPE! (Is that all right?)

I need a change! I-need to-“see The Light!”

THIS HURTS! THAT HURTS! What-hurts? and WHY?

EVERYONE! (inside) or OUT – is-just-having-a-cry

So-much-pain! MENTAL! and “in?-the-body!”

Well, we’re-JUST “SEPARATED!”

So, sit-on-The-Potty,

And – Let is all go, so it’s out-in-front-of-you,

Now, grasp-it!


Look-at-it! It’s TRUE:

It ain’t all-that-bad! (pause)

Just-don’t HIT-at-IT!

You-can-just-smile – and stroke-IT!

Right where you sit!

fin <3

Sometimes you don’t understand why people feel unable to cope
Maybe if you really care to listen to why or what a broken soul is behind those eyes
You may listen to what is behind those sad thoughts.
Is it really what they say or how they say it.
Never take a life for granted and say โ€get over itโ€ cause that little phrase just may push someone to the brink of despair.
Respect those personal feelings, don’t push them with questions that the will not disclose about themselves. Don’t invade personal space, tread softly. When someone trusts you never make light of their circumstances. Feeling stuck in a Box, drowning beyond all reasonable outcomes never overcomes their personal grief.
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