Signs of Maturity ~ Wisdom

You forgive

You respect differences

You don’t force love

You accept heartaches

You don’t judge

Small talks no longer excite you

You become more opened minded

Sleep is better than a Friday night out

You sometimes prefer to be silent than engage in nonexistent thoughts

Your happiness don’t depend from people but from your inner self

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  • My perfectly perfect Gal down under ~
    "BUNDLE OF JOY!" a poem, a.k.a.: "Perfect Preference!" July 21, 2019 (Sunday) A-man-I-know-begs – for long, straight-legs and Isaac's got "hips" on his mind, And some men want milk, from pendulous breasts, whereas some-simply-love: the-behind! There are all sorts of girls – and guys in The World, and preferences range high & low, But-each guy-&-gal … Read More
  • Ruhi Dagnanasar ~ Ganged Rapped ~ Australian News
    Ruhi Dagdanasar, 50 was sentenced to at least 16 years behind bars for kidnapping, drugging and gang raping an 18 year old girl. We at FACAA get a lot of stories of remorseless rapists but this guy and his mates are right up there with the worst ! To say they showed little remorse for … Read More
  • Oh my goodness me Roachy ~ Ran away 🤪
    "THIS ONE'S FOR ED, WHO WAS BANISHED FROM THE REGION!" a poem Sunday: 21 July 2019 The council met LATE; dear old Ed missed the date! "We're concerned! Where is he, Mr. Roach?" "I don't know-and-I'm-concerned! Perhaps Ed just got burned, by The Poet, who's sometimes "a coach," &-will ex-cor-i-se – some of us, no … Read More
  • Baby Shower my Dreams ~
    "THE LAST CHEESE STICK YOU'LL EVER NEED!" a poem 21 July 2019 [SUN.] I'm SO IN LOVE WITH YOU, I gave you my LAST cheese stick! I-figured – it might be a substitute – for-my firm, throbbing LIPs! I gave you a reduced-fat mozzarella stick, so-as not-to-affect-your-hips, Which are curvy and delicious, and I really … Read More
  • Letter to my Husband ~
    What if your pillow could collect your dreams and when you wake up you plug it into your computer and watch them over again. I love you for trusting me with your heart and trusting me with your pride I love you for needing me by your side I love you for bring out … Read More

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