Signs of Maturity ~ Wisdom

You forgive

You respect differences

You don’t force love

You accept heartaches

You don’t judge

Small talks no longer excite you

You become more opened minded

Sleep is better than a Friday night out

You sometimes prefer to be silent than engage in nonexistent thoughts

Your happiness don’t depend from people but from your inner self

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  • Luke Le Bree ~
    DIVINE MISSION. Make each moment into a prayer. Feel the sacredness in all aspects of your life. Look for the Higher purpose behind all the tasks no matter how magnificent or worldly each task may seem. Your daily life becomes an expression of your spirit. You are in the now moment, you are your divine … Read more
  • Kindness to Nature ~
    Triune, shaping, restless power, Life-flow from life's natal hour, No music chords are in thy sound; By some thou'rt but a rattle found; Yet, without thy ceaseless motion, To ice would turn their dead devotion Life-flow of my natal hour, I will not weary of thy power, Till in the changes of thy sound A … Read more
  • Today’s impressions on life as I see it today ~ Letter to my Husband ©️
    The Photographer removed the Mobile Phones Mr. Ellis, extraordinary photograph. Lost communictions or forgotten how to communicate. Scott this is the future, the possibility is folk will still have to learn how to read again, so there's a bright side. Or are we being programmed to teach our children to marry smartphones instead? 😂😂 … Read more
  • Finding Kindness ~
    "FINDING KINDNESS." a poem September 17, 2019 (Tuesday) How can you tell, IF you've found "aKindONe?" Well, ObserveThem throughout most everyDay: (1) They'll be kind to nearly all folks; and (2) they, I think, will sortOf pray, Asking for helpRegardingWhatLifeThrowsTheirWay; (3) andTheyAre slow to anger, and (4) Often SAY (toPeopleWhoAreDown) : "IT'LLbeOK." (5) They don't … Read more
  • Me Smarty Pants ~
    "MR. BEAN'S GIRL THAT HE ABSOLUTELY ADORES HAS AN OPINION ABOUT THE POETRY HE WRITES." a poem a.k.a.: "Mr. Bean's Jumping & Dancing Honey Love." September 17, 2019 (Tuesday) [The Beloved:] "I don't like this song; it make me sad; I don't like THAT POEM YOU WROTE; that poem, I think, is bad. You'd best … Read more