Promise ~

“LET’S NOT SET OURSELVES UP TO FAIL!” a poem July 4, 2019 series: TDC! Thursday!

Now, some folks say: “TRYING’S WORTHLESS,” but trying is all we’ve got!!

With no future guarantees, we-DON’T-have-to be-on-The-Pitty-Pot!

Of-course, we-can-drink-&-smoke &-set-friends-up, saying: “Yeah, you promised me!”

But (really) PROMISES are-not GUARANTEES in This Land of Un-certainty!

So, watch what you say – to-A-Believer, for s[u]re:

PROMISES-“set-in-stone?” can-dissolve!? It-IS just-MAT – T[E]R!

If-someone-promises-The-World, they-better-deliver-to-morrow?

Or: “Hey, now -YOU! PROMISED! YOU!-are-bringing-me-SORROW;

YOU! have broken my heart, for I-like-my-hopes-set,

On fairies and Kings -di-a-mond rings! and-a-SURE-BET?!”

fin <3