“OUR DOGS ARE MUCH RELIEVED BY THE ARRIVAL OF THE HOLIDAYS!” a poem, to follow the poem “Christmas Dogs: Past & Present!” 

As-all-our-doggies-we-ever-had, cele-brate-THIS-BLESSED-TIME,*
And-keep-up-The-“Giving”-Spirit, I offer y’all this rhyme:

SPIRO, oh, dear Spiro – he was a mongrel “breed,”
Who died, we think, from lots o’ worms – (pause) he-“moves”-and-takes-the-lead!
So, after Spiro’s “had a go,” the others follow suit:
YEN-YITA-makes a dainty puddle, and she-shakes her delicate “flute!”
About our good dog LUCKY, whom we NOW call “Lucky Filter,”
He-pees-real-good-and-his kidneys-get-cleaned – Oh, look! RUDOLF(o), “the jilter,”
Who-had-so-many-b – – – es, he-was-named-aft’-VALENTINO!
When Rudy pees, it hurts a bit – VD affects the stream-OH!
And DANNY? Danny dog’s SO SHY, conscious-of-others’-seeing,
(That) it’s held-in, and the-house-will-flood – with such-marathon-a-peeing!
SILVER liked to “spread the love,” so, when she does “the deed,”
It’s-a-little-here – and-a-little-there – WHEREVER! She’s prob’ly pee-d!
PHILLIP had a long-one! So, on Christmas day,
He drags “The Monster” to the tree – the-girls just reel – and sway!
ALICE is our dog right now – she-don’t-know-what-to-think!!
With all this ghostly pee-ing! We’re-afraid-she’s-“on-the-brink,”
Of a-breakdown, especially – when-GLADYS-pees- AND – does-a-poo!
Poor Alice! She’s “beside-herself!”-She-just whines: “Boo-hoo!”
Anyway – for-almost-all-(our-pooches), Christmas is-quite-a-relief,
As you- can-tell – in-more-ways-than-one –
Surprise! There’s-a-yellow-leaf! πŸ™‚ – on a pine tree?! Wow!

fin <3

* – Christmas, Hannukkah, New Year’s – – – whatever! Boxing Day! The Wiccan Winter Solstice Sabbat Celebration(s)! Cookie Day! National Fruitcake Day (My birthday!? Just kidding!) National Bicarbonate of Soda Day! Make-Up-Your-Mind Day! Humbug Day! Roast Chestnuts Day! Bill-of-Rights Day! – and my personal favorite: Roast Suckling Pig Day!


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