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“MYSTIQUE!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Life of Mystery!” from the popular poetic series: MIM MY (Mystique In Mystery, Mucho Yummy) Wednesday: July 10, 2019

There’s only one girl, in-all-The-World, made for-me!

ONLY ONE (There-can-be-only-one!) She lives-across-The-Sea!

She lives in Her Kingdom; she’s a QUEENLY BABE,

And she lives – to LOVE — to moan, to-“outgrabe!”*

Her name is: MYSTIQUE, which-is-A-Mystery,

And her nickname’s: Miss Terry, and “The Prince” says: “Oo-wee!”

“The Duke” – and “The Earl” – and “The Duchess” all agree:

“There’s NO ONE like Terry! Miss Terry we see,

Is the embodiment of Beauty! and Hearts yearn to be,

At her dis-posal! To-serve-[her], naturally!”

If you fulfill her a wish, a blessing will attach;

You can try to serve her, but she’s a slippery catch!

Plus, her OTHER nickname’s: “Teak,” for this wood she adores,

To make her some tables and pillars and doors!

So, Miss Teak (or Miss Terry) is just called: “MISS T!”

I get MISTY-just-thinkin’-of-her, and I-might hug a tree,

IF I miss her too much, for she’s rooted to The Earth,

And has been FOREVER! SHE never had birth!

With-no-birth-[date], SHE-emerged, from a sea shell, we-are-told!

Some day I might touch-her! Yes, I-AM-so-bold,

To imagine I-might-approach – a creature so fair!

An angel? A daemon? With a-lock of her hair,

I think I’d be satisfied; I’d-just stay in my room,

And touch-her-hair-a-lot, smelling its mysterious, strange per-fume!

There’ll be a sign on my door, or, maybe-more-like-a[n]-“headstone:”


Inside! (if you can get through) will-be-The-Crazy-Lover – of-Mystique,

Forever with her locks? magical and sleek!***

fin <3

  • – a term found in Lewis Carroll’s “The Jabberwocky!” Humpty Dumpty explained it to Alice one day: “What does ‘outgrabe’ mean?” “Well, ‘outgribing’ is something between bellowing and whistling, with a kind of sneeze in the middle; you’ll hear it done, maybe–down in the wood yonder–and when you’ve once heard it, you’ll be quite content. Who’s been repeating all that hard stuff to you?” “I read it in a book”, said Alice.

** – D[a]emon: a powerful spirit of universal proportions, not necessarily “evil!”

*** – A million years passed, and one day his door-did-fall! – – – and-there’s Mr. Silly Pants, 1000 Mystiques tall! – – – For he’s been cloning-each-precious-hair – to make many Terry-s, so-fair! – – – And they need to find water, across-The-Sea, over THERE!

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