J Jay Samuel Davis

My perfectly perfect Gal down under ~

“BUNDLE OF JOY!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Perfect Preference!” July 21, 2019 (Sunday)

A-man-I-know-begs – for long, straight-legs and Isaac’s got “hips” on his mind,

And some men want milk, from pendulous breasts, whereas some-simply-love:


There are all sorts of girls – and guys in The World, and preferences range high & low,

But-each guy-&-gal must make their own call! Their I-Deal-date, they-just “know!”

It might take a-little-while (and se-ver-al miles) to track down your perfect, sweet “mate,”

And those in Australia – will just yell: “Oh, Hell-yeaH,” when in-walks that-someone so- great!

For me, in my dreams, my perfect gal beams – and-smiles with-a mischievous look!

She’s-a-Bundle-of-Joy, for this horny boy; I’ve searched her in every porn book!

She’s-not very-tall, kinda-shy (What a DOLL!)




She’s a bundle, she is! not-too-big, for-her-his, and she’s smart! Oh, so-clever – and MILD,

But NOT mild in s – x; she’s my Tyra-X-Rex, for in bed, flames fly high overhead!

She’s-SO-RIGHT! My-de-light! She’s-a-“fountain”-of-light! In-The-Category: “Gorgeous, drop-dead!”

What-A-PACKAGE, right-size, from her breasts – to her thighs, which are strong and can BOUNCE! ALL AROUND,

So-I-can-grasp-her RIGHT-IN, & indulge, for-“a-win,” for she’s “FOX-y” and I am her hound!

fin <3

By Mystic Poet

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"