Message from Jesus~ Luke Le Bree

Most beautiful family of our dear God and Savior , know this that the evil influence of the fallen Devil and his lot of fallen Angels are very busy in many ways, I know that many of my brothers and sisters have noticed the ways and temptations in which they work to take you away from your path that leads you home to Gods fullness of life and love. Know your God is unlimited in how he can keep filling you with Love for it goes hand in Hand with life. A example of this is in the days when I was not fully aware of loving Jesus and what and how he could do things. But a time came when I was running a group of beautiful people who were like myself was seeking truth and how we could come to understand how without doubt the loving power of God could work. A passage was found in the Bible where the devil was testing Jesus and Jesus showed his power can do all things in this case was stop eating for 40 days and still we well at the end of it that he did among other things. So I was getting very close to Jesus I was prepared to do the same thing. So in prayer with some others I remained without eating only drinking and having God’s hand upon me I also went without food even a bit longer. I never for a moment left Jesus side but I had no ill effects by doing this and many people witnessed this. I found not only many come closer to Jesus having seen this but became full of joy for what they witnessed, including myself. So my real journey in life was put in place . Many years went by and I was feeling wonderful about my life purpose. So my dear Sisters and brothers I hope this helps you feel strong in what the devil may throw at you. This is just another wonderful blessing I experienced to the amazement of others, but I felt after a few days no worries and no effort on my part For Jesus was with me. Bless you all


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