Message from Jesus- Luke Le Bree~

Calling to you my brothers and sisters that you must honour our dear Jesus and allow the power of the father see your devotion on the love of his son. Be not led by just anyone or just any church. Listen to the ones Jesus has chosen to spread the words of truth and love and honour them above all else. When the Rapture comes they are the ones our king of love and truth will gather them to the clouds and he will help carry all that have been chosen with there joy and happiness overflowing. True justice will be in play out for these ones who chose God over all else and all that relied upon the ones chosen will allowed and called Gods mercy on the young ones of there responsibility.
Worry not about my I AM promises they will come to pass and only the ones who placed everything I created in love and truth will be called.
Everyone else below what I had created and promised will be left behind to live another 7 years on earth with just enough love to meet me and the saints when we return if they have changed there ways to accept me as there lord of love and truth. If by doing this full love and mercy will be given to you as well, the rest will be cast off from my love and will live there Hell as they have chosen. Remember this is not My punishment on them its a result of there choices to hurt and destroy, my children and my creation doing both of these things and never honouring my I AM that died for you so you could have nothing but love and forgiveness unfolding. Messenger Luke.

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