Luke Le Bree ~ Jesus Message

With my heart wanting always to please my Lord, but fully aware that even the smallest of sins contributed to his sacrifice, and I was set free to please dear Jesus in a way his Holy Spirit guided me. I know now as his messenger , how much I love him. He tells me he expected nothing more than what I have given, for his Father is at peace with all that I have been doing.
He has told me he will remain with me but to be aware of the challenges that I may face in the near future. I have been told to call upon him in possible troubled times that will be set upon me by those who seek all that love my dear Jesus.
Many nights I feel under attack from those angels of the fallen one, but are encouraged to link with the love of Jesus within you my friends so I can continue my work. It mat require me moving but that is not clear to me at this point, but I know it will be. Each of you have faced many challengers and all is recorded in heaven. Nothing will be held against you on your return to your home, you will be seen as love looks on all. Most pure, and you will feel that way as true life returned. each of you will have a high calling and will judge angels at Jesus side, and for the ones who remained on earth who held the love and light in there hearts so others can awaken will be blessed by the Highest in the completion of a pure earth. the hated nature of people of this beautiful planet will be cast down into a place of no love and no order of life. this will be because of there choices that there judges had no alterative but put them there for that was the way they wanted to live . Blessings to all the children of God and the brave ones who tried to help all to change their mind before it was to late. I bid you all farewell at this time.

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