“THE EXTRAORDINARY OF THE ORDINARY!” a poem July 11, 2019 (Thursday)

If-I-kiss your lips and kiss each cheek, I’m sure to keep them moist!

If-I-hold you tight, I-can keep-you warm, and we’ll-be kind-of an-OYST –

ER-r-SHE-eLL with-both-of-us two-pearls-we’ll-be in-side;

It-could-be-cozy, you-&-I and-with-you-I’ll-abide!

It-seems-to-me-we’re-normal-folks! (pause) Yes-I-love-you quite a bit,

And – it SEEMS-so-or-din-ary Yet-we-have-an-“ext- traordinary-fit!”

And-it-is THAT FIT, that-we-seem-to-have, that causes me such “fits!”

I-think: “Isn’t-this-or-dinary?” Yet, today-we-got 100,000-hits!

Yet-if-the-“ordinary” FEELS-“extraordinary,” Then, did we “arrive?”

I can’t imagine [being] “WITHOUT-YOU;” before, How’d-I-ever-sur-vive?

Perhaps, adults-DO-LEARN – to-overlook-“The-Magic -of-Or-dinary!”

I-think APPRECIATING “ordinary-&-“normal” may-be- what-keeps-us-merry!

For-instance I-love to-HOLD your HAND – and-I-love to-give you kisses,

And I love to look-u-up-your-skirt! A quick-peek-never-misses,

To send me – simply drib-bl-ing – glimpsing-your-wet-v – – i – a.,

Imagining-[that] I-might-be-so-lucky some-day to-make-it-mine a!

So, the-ordinary could-be-a-miracle, when-perspective-makes-extraordinary-stuff!

Although we SEEM just ordinary – “Bits-‘n’-pieces” are-MORE-THAN-ENOUGH!

Where-you-are-at? [Isn’t-it]-“an-ordinary-place?” Yet, for-me-it-is-my-HOME!

We’re-ordinary! yet, extraordinary – as-you-inspire every poem!

fin <3

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