Truth ~

Now that all buildings fall down if the foundation is not true. The world is doing the same as you lose sight of what is true. God is truth. Jesus birth, death and resurrection and meaning of it is truth. Accept this as your foundation and you will understand life that has a stability and a meaning to it along with love and freedom. All else will bring confusion, and we know the author of confusion is (Devil Fallen Angel) The times we live in nothing is stable for most everything has moved off its foundation. Return to God and gain life, love, peace, and the freedom to be without the wrong doings of the world and yourself.(sin). Then your foundation is a beautiful example to all others and a wonderful path that takes you home to the one who created truth and never changed. My love for you all is without measure because I died physically and spirituality to be raised with a higher understanding I had not seen or felt in my heart ever before to the same extent. God is aware of each of you and with a love unlimited invites us into a world that is eternal for the foundation is Truth. Love is the living truth. Amen.


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