J Jay Samuel Davis

It time ~

“IT’S TIME!” a poem. a.k.a.:”Binkie, The Wild Hare (Hair), Always Arrives On Time!” July 14

When Binkie is ready – to move and shake,

Earth! Stand STILL! You-better-NOT-quake!

OR – make a sound because SHE’s ready:

She’s-got-IT-in-her-head, just-like-Freddy,

Krueger! – When he’s (pause) after you;

There’ll be no rest; it’s TIME! to do,

Whatever! (pause) SHE has (pause) got in mind,

It-may-not-be-pretty! It may not be kind –

BUT! It’s-got-to-be-done, without delay,

You better hide quick, OR-join-”the fray!”


Others’ Timing?

Ends & Means?

STEP ASIDE! There-are JUMPING beans,

In her soul -’cause-she’s-got-A-PLAN!

It’s-all-organized!! Give up, man!

She’s ready to go, and you’d better be too,

When Binkie is ready: JOIN THE CREW!

Or get trampled upon, like a too-full-”concert”-affair!

SHE’S GOT IT! She’s got it!


THE R E A L WILD HAIR!  – “Hare hair; here, here!”

fin. <3

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