“IN SEVERAL PARTS!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Pass Me A Frappuccino, PleAse

“IN SEVERAL PARTS!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Pass Me A Frappuccino, Please!”

One part of you worries! Another part [simply] worked it out!

One part in so happy! One part likes to pout!

Pout-y parts are-still-purty [pretty], and poop-y parts are nice,

Every part, by-itself, is-a-precious-little-slice,

Combining all together, to make the perfect you,

From several parts, just like a play –
You’re Shakespeare, through and through,

With comedy and tragedy: DRAMA! and a twist,
Especially! at your end, My Sweet! which I’ve often missed,
BUT! Your front is also special, and your sides are good parts too!

I just love-a ALL your parts! Even-the-ones- that-will-go: “BOO!”

And SCARE ME HALF TO DEATH, My Love! Each part has special needs,
But each part’s TOTALLY worth it, because-combined Well! Each-part-leads,
To making-the-magic-of-you, which-I-could not live without,
Which brings us back, of course, My Love – to-that-part we just call “POUT!”

Pout combines with: CRY – and WHIMPER – when you do not get your way,
But, when you do,* there’s another part – that-cries-aloud: “Hey! Hey,”
And bounces all around the house – and grabs me, ’cause it’s happy:
It’s ANOTHER wonderful part of you; we call IT – Mrs. Frappy!**

fin <3

  • – GET YOUR WAY, that is!
    ** – because this so-called “happy response” is what happens when you get to have a nice frappuccino or quadruple espresso! – – – on an empty stomach!
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