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“HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY USA – ALMOST 250 YEARS LATER! a poem, dedicated: to DADDIO!😁💥

HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY USA – ALMOST 250 YEARS LATER! a poem, dedicated: to DADDIO! {June 17, 2018} “My paternal grandfather was Benjamin Henry Davis, who taught me how to swat “flies,” my maternal grandfather was John Milton Crockett, who taught me how to stand on one leg, and my FATHER IS Samuel Eugene Davis, who taught me everything else!” The Mystic Poet.

WHAT’S A FATHER GOOD FOR? In an environment like this?

He can not take you “there” outside and teach you how to P – – S,

‘Cause Mama sets you on the pot and tells you when to go,

Culture’s-about-molding-you, NOT-finding-(good)-places, you-know!

AND – IF you ever “whip-it-out,” it’s pub(l)ic in-de-cen-cy,

EVEN IF YOU “GOTTA GO!” No toilet? JUST WAIT! and see!!

CONTAIN YOURSELF! Hold it in! And wait until you burst,

‘Cause THAT’S POLITE! And RULES RULE – PLUS – stifle your ol’ thirst!

Until you have forgotten, when to drink or pee,

So (pause) What’s a daddy good for? A LOT, MY SON – LET’S SEE:

Your father, IF he still has b – – – s, slips wisdom in between,

The things that are acceptable and those THEY call obscene!

So, here are just-a-few – Old things, That, KIDS, ya better know:

(IF you’re Daddy WASN’T there, because he had to go!)

Find a mate who COOKS! and-also-”cooks”-you-good-in-bed!


By-a-spouse or authorities, who have the “legal means,”

To mess you up – and make you doubt – THE WISDOM OF YOUR TEENS!

DOING RIGHT’s-about-INSTINCT – It may NOT coincide,

With Mrs. Manners manner – (pause)


AND TOLERATE M O S T E V E R Y T H I N G that might be tossed your way,

By your spouse or family – or governments today.

HONOR PEOPLE I F YOU CAN – IF they are not too crazy:

And IF their rules don’t feel right, just find you a nice DAISY,

And pick it sweet and kiss it tender and whisper in its ear:

“I LOVE YOU, LITTLE DAISY – We’ve nothing much to fear!”

So, any-hoo – there are a few, (pause) Wise-Things (my) Daddy-threw-at-me!

I thank-him-kindly, and hope-to-remember [HOW-TO] TAKE A-MANLY-P – – !!* 🙂

fin. <3

    • secretly and sometimes and such!! <3

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