Oh God! Oh JOY!
Another day! In-The-Life-of-Boy!
I guess BOY-was-less-uncomfortable [for me”] than being-the-GIRL,
At-least for this decrepit one! Well! Let’s-give-IT-“a-whirl!”

You ride “The Horse,” ’til IT tosses-you-off-into the air,
And you get to hit The Earth, upon your derriere!
Then, ride again – for all you’re worth,
Getting-bucked-off-once-more, hitting The-Unyielding-Earth!

Eventually, I guess, amidst all this DIS-com fort,
You decide on The Ride – that gives the least hurt!

You just get good (I guess) with your? chosen? PRE-occupation,
And you get some pats on your back (by you!) in your imagination!

This is LIFE OF BOY – or LIFE OF GIRL – or both!
You seek THE LEAST DISCOMFORT, as you swear your “sacred” oath!
To: families, societies, professions – and legal insistence!

There is ALWAYS – “horrible resistance” to anything you do,
So you find some “Path of Least Resistance,” whether old or new!
You WALK your path! which means: You just GO THROUGH LIFE,
And-you-hope-for-“a hand-holder!” Maybe, your wife!

Hopefully, bullets WON’T-BE-whizzing past your delicate head;
You HOPE – there’ll-be-some-food, so-you-won’t-starve and-be-too-dead!

You HOPE – Life will be SLIGHTLY kind,
And that other people won’t too much mind,
If you have – a little bit of “blooming luck!”
Yeah, there’ll-be-jealousy, but-with-“J,” we-re-ALWAYS-stuck!

So, draw me a Heart – on a foggy window pane (pause slightly here and tear up a bit)
And I’ll draw one for YOU, with some droplets of rain! (pause, pause)
Let me put up your hair, and I’ll wash you in the bath;* (pause, once more)
You-know, there’s-no-one-I’d-rather-be-with, [while]-walking-this-path!

– Because I love your skin!

Because I love your skin

Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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