The LGBT Community has become so diluted with cishets with a billion different micro identities that the initialism in now the entire alphabet over twice.

Which is annoying but I think what is possibly the worst and the most insidious part is gay men, lesbians have a mono~sexual privileged now or they’re close minded for only being attracted the same geneder

Bi people are constantly getting told that our indentity is trans-phobic , that we we are reinforcing the gender binary and if we don’t switch to pansexual or poylysexual or made up moagai word we are terrible we terrible and nb-phobic

Binary trans people are terrible demons who reinforce the gender binary and should choose to fully transition, hate themselves and their bodies .

They too nb-phobic just for existing with a binary .

Even more so than Cis people , apparently and if you finally believe all this mixed up society

Get this, today I learnt there are twenty one sexual orientation breeds living on this planet 🌏

Oh my goodness gracious how did all this happen to those poor souls, when as you know males only have two entrances for sexual gratification

Females have two the same😄

Tony the Professor 🤓 today could see I was so confused nothing was making any sense. Anyway he said he had expected to experiment with the new bi-21 just announced today. Sitting in the front row of the auditorium looking forward to escaping to hug a tree, he turned to me of course, being “ so what person”

I knew exactly what he was going to ask me to end the day on totally insane suggestion ( my *INTENSE* mouth would utter about sexual assault on my brain)

Well my experience with bodies was as Medical STUDENT 👩‍🎓attending autopsy.

The point here is when you lay them on the table with their inners hanging out the only difference been human males and female organs are different but what is the same with our guts is on the outside Race, Religion all have the same insides 😀🕺

Ok, now how about organisms or ejaculation , both male and female are able to do either, so whatever or where ever turns you on go for it – it’s legal if it’s consensual. Hang on for one second men achieve organism through prostrate simulation and women achieve organism through a gland inside the virginal front entrance. Secondary on both sex manual stimulation to the clitoris or the penis. Keeping in mind that the prostrate is situated up the anus is normal between consenting folk.

This is a simple mathematical calculator of the brain we were born with.

In my Practice about 98% of patience arrive with little or no knowledge about their bodies or how all of it works. Also wanting DNA tests to tell them what sexual orientation they are cause the read their bodies don’t work. Oh my have the made me very wealthy and Lawyers making money from broken lives

Couple of simple remedies for the day.

Maybe you are doing it with the wrong person 🧐


And finally you ask what do I believe in all these Man Made SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS AM I 😃

Cause all this fan dangle stuff never existed in the first place 💤

I am called a THIRD SEX – does not have sex at all 😀

Don’t worry

you’ll be okay

‘we gotta back ‘

That’s it folks for another one stop shop 💵💤