Take a little box ~

Take a little box now. Put all your dreams inside

All of them will come true. I’d never let them die

But promise me just one thing. You’d never leave my side

Make me a part of your dreams. That’s where I want to lie

I can promise you one thing

No matter what we may go through

There will be a happy ending

I know I often struggle to keep my heart on check

Without you there’s no colour, it’s just white and black

Without you I ain’t human, just a piece of wreck

I have to have you with me. So please just come right back

And our love will be ascending

No matter what we may face

There will be a happy ending

There’s a fallen empire. Here’s a mighty Queen 

I am on my knees for you with a diamond ring

Look at me and say ‘yes’ and bring me eternal spring

Beyond the clear night sky, my love is transcending

Time and tide may cease but my love is never ending

And I promise you one thing

There will be a happy ending

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