J Jay Samuel Davis

Conniving Malarkey~

“CONNIVING MALARKEY!” a poem July 24, 2019 (Wednesday) in the series: “Give It Up 4 Lent!”

I looketh-ED within – and what! doth I see?

CONNIVING MALARKEY! in-both-you-and-me

NO! It’s-not-eth-“BAD,” as The Bible-th might say,

Nor is it “GOOD,” in-the “and-God-saw-that-it-was-good” way!

It is what it is! just: “Malar-KEY,”

Which-means: “meaningless-chatter,” carried-on end-less -LY!

And, it’s-“conniving,” for It’s-looking -for-“The-Loophole,”

Something! Maybe-“immoral,” but-it-involves-a-“clever”-GOAL!

It’s VERY “Trump”-ish, Donald! and-controlling;

It’s like some people, who-are always-out-“patrolling,”

The LANDSCAPE, seek,ing – something-to-NOT-condone;

I-DIDN’T-SAY:”CONDEMN,” for-THIS-involves-“a-calculated-LOAN!”

This-LOAN’ll-get-you-on-the-“hook,” SO-YOU’LL-TAKE-“A-SECOND-LOOK;

It’s-something-like: “being-1st-Mate,” a l a* Captain Hook!


Captain Hook, me-thinks, keeps-a-cargo of-“good-pot,”

And – exotic spices – to tease your senses;

CONNIVING MALARKISTS! like-to-straddle-fences!

Occasionally-a-Malarkist-will: jump-The-Fence-and-create-“a-stir,”

And-then – jump-right-back-on – and-act-so-darn-demure,

Hoping no one notices: IT-WAS: THE ERRANT FENCE SITTER,

Who-is REALLY! Really! just -a-conniving-crit-ter!

Of-course, we’re-ALL-connivers, although-some-take-it-to-“The-Max,”

Like: (1) I. R. S. officials, who manipulate the tax;

(2) And guards at Guantanamo-Bay, who in-the-cellar-have-“racks;”

(3) And women who-seek-Tranquility! Getting-others-to-work, so-they-can-re-lax;

(4) And Army Generals, Presidents, Judges-&-Medical Specialists, who-all-like-to-engage-in-“constructive” “sneak-attacks!”

fin <3

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