FACTS OF GROWING UP IS NEVER EASY TO DO The Innocence of school days brings on all these horror times of working then the world is full of Stepping stones.A bully is a blustering, quarrelsome and overbearing sort. They never grew out of it; they acted that way in primary school, and it carried through … Read more
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    https://youtu.be/jRcfE2xxSAw Create Your Own Future There can be no great courage where there is no con๏ฌdence or assurance, and half the battle is in the conviction that we can do what we undertake. โ€”Orison Swett Marden Every successful person has experienced countless temporary set- backs, obstacles, and even outright defeats, in the course of his or her life. But it has been the ability to respond positively and con- structively to these defeats and to bounce back that ultimately has assured success. This quality of bouncing rather than … Read more
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    Think Like a Genius Make every thought, every fact, that comes into your mind pay you a pro๏ฌt. Make it work and produce for you. Think of things not as they are but as they might be. Donย’t merely dreamยพbut create!โ€”Maxwell Maltz You are a potential genius.Your amazing brain has more than 18 bil- lion cells, each one of which is connected to and interlinked with as many as 20,000 others. This means that the number of possible thoughts you can think is greater than all the molecules in the known universe. You have the capacity … Read more
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    Develop the wonderful habit of a daily swim. It will promote excellent health, keep you relaxed and concentrated, lean and trim. Swimming is not stressful on the body, provides a great workout for the lungs and requires little time to do effectively. Remember that in a fit body resides a fit mind. People who are … Read more
  • Affiliate Marketing | Ethical Direct Selling Group
    What is affiliate marketing, how does it work and who does it work for? โ€” Read on ethicaldirectsellinggroup.com/affiliate-marketing-the-pros-and-cons/
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