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(noun) psithurism the sound of the wind through the tress Advertisements


Lady and the Tramp ©️

“LADY AND THE TRAMP!” a poem July 29, 2019 (Monday) “Daddy Long Legs!” and “Squishy Girl!” Hearts are floatin’, around-your-curl! I’ve got my eye on YOU, my pup! YO, Big Dog! Come-on! What’s-UP!? Well, you-needn’t-ask, for you’re-SO ex-citing, And your-“fur,” it’s-so inviting! Come-on, Big Boy – strut-[over]-this-way, For doggie s t-l e, we’ll do(it) all-day! […]

How to please your mate in yanky land πŸ€ͺ

All so-referred to is termed ” Tickle my Fancy ” “PLEASE YOUR MATE!” a poem 30 July 2019 (Tuesday, for The TUE of Us!) We all wanna feel – physically “GOOD,”* But, by any other name, I-think it-still-would, Feel just-as-“titillating,” just-as-great, Whether-named: “f” or “c” or mas – r -bate! “What pleases you, mate?” is-a-great-way […]

Melbourne – Australia

Young and Jacksons Hotel was one of the first, if not the first, hotel in Melbourne to sell Foster Brothers lager beer. The building, dating back to 1853, was first opened as the Princes Bridge Hotel in 1861 by John P Toohey, the licence being subsequently transferred to James Hogan in 1862, Joshua Mooney in […]

Wiccans ~

“ART!” a poem, dedicated to Randy and Annie who have come to visit from “across the seas!” July 30, 2019 (Tuesday) We’re-all amazing WORKS of ART, like paintings in the frame, &-as-with-paintings, we-have-our-preferences! (pause) Sometimes, they-aren’t-the same! Some-paintings, considered-“fine-art,” you-look-at-and-say: “Ugh,” And-OTHERS, you-just-got-ta-have, although-friends-say: “It’s-a-bug!” But, YOU-say: “NO! (pause) It’s-a-beautiful (pause) sunset-in-Ber-muda,” And some of […]

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