Letter to my Husband ~ I Found your new Graph note you wrote by hand Mr Artist ~ just thought you must add my notes down below to tell all your Bad habiTs too

You should of added I can’t read a clock
I don’t give a rats ass
I love being naughty
I can’t be tamed
I’m a showman
I love attention any way I get it
I never turn up
I run like a rat on heat
I love any sex
I’m a commitment-phobe
I have a Mummy and Dady
It’s my way or no way
Make yourself available or make yourself unavailable, you know best
I not responsible for the bloody nothing
No one runs my life
All’s that’s ok too
But you forget your hot button and I don’t 😂😂😂

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De Deva’s Delicious Declaration ~ purity©️

“DA DEVA’S DELICIOUS DECLARATION!” a short little poem, like an affirmation! for: Friday, July 26, 2019

__ [insert your lover’s name] THINKS I’M






and The Prettiest Girl in The World

SO – I – DON’T – MIND>

That some part of

me with LOVE in its EYES>

Thinks I’m an


who is here

In disguise> ©

fin ©

One wayward husband wandering eyes, dreaming of could have been ~

“A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL BREW!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Just One Click, Please!” July 26, 2019: Freya’s Day, dedicated: to all the lovely barmaids who “serve me,”* with sensual delight and glorious, care-free abandon! NOTE: OF COURSE, I never pay very much attention to barmaids, since my heart belongs ONLY TO ONE, my adorable, lovely, sexy, darling wife, who is much prettier AND SEXIER than any barmaid could ever even imagine being! 🙂 – Yup!

I-just-need one photo-of-you! A single “click” will be my delight,

So I can look at it – before bed time – AT NIGHT,

And then with-luck all right – I’ll dream,

Of YOU! Your pretty face will glow and beam!

So, PLEASE – just a photo: a tiny, clicking moment for me to dine!*

A PHOTO – of the most glorious angel, who serves** the finest wine,

And the choicest hops!

Yet, at-night, some-times-she-mops,

The puke – left by-brutes who drink-to-excess and don’t-even-tip!

I ONLY KNOW – I LOVE BARMAIDS, and, as I survey each, curvaceous hip,

And – what-we-can-only-call-a: “yummy tummy,”


I-know there truly-is a-Heavenly, Promised-Land,

Which I SHALL VISIT TONIGHT (pause) but only –

If you,



fin ©

  • – upon your beauty!

** – “She who serves THE BEST will be ‘the greatest’ among you!” The Nazarene