J Jay Samuel Davis MYSTIC POET

Mother Nature ~


The birdies were chirping, when the-bread-crumbs-they-did-glean,

Provided by “the lady,” with the nails that were green!

Yes! Compliments of SHE! who-need-never be-seen,

For, She’s-in-green-camouflage! (pause) She’s-MOTHER-NATURE, old-Bean!

SHE provides woodland creatures – with their daily bread,

And She brings in Night Skies, as each bird rests its head!

She provides food and shelter – and loves every-one:

Birdies! Kitties! even-Humans! Let’s-all-HAVE-SOME-FUN,

And have us a sandwich! or a tasty Kitty Treat;

Mother Nature’s usually ALL GREEN, from Her head to Her feet!

She just blends RIGHT IN! She’s so HIDDEN AWAY,

Behind a tree! In a bush! but-She-was-at-Porters,*-yesterday!

You’ll-know-HER-if-you-see-Her, for She-can’t-hide-all-the-green-hue!

And St. Patrick’s Her Lover! without-Him, She’s-mostly “blue!”

fin <3

  • – Porters Grocery store, here in beautiful downtown Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.! Tell all your friends!!
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J Jay Samuel Davis

Memories of her bloody lust for dialogue and diamonds ~

“THE PROCEDURE!” a poem July 22, 2019 (Monday)

I went to-the-most beautiful place I ever had seen!

The offices were “adorned,” flawless! pristine!

For my procedure, I-had-the-BEST-doctors-&-aides,

Only smil-l-ing nurses – and-the finest of maids!

The maitre d’ offered a luxury table!

“Your stay will be excellent, for we are able,

To-INSURE all “procedures” are-safe-&-effective;

We-are very efficient! and overly selective,

To-insure that ALL FACETS will go VERY smooth!”

I paused, just-a-moment, as they poured me vermouth!

For I-suddenly-remembered – what my poet-friend had-said!

“IF things seem TOO PERFECT, perhaps you are dead!

And-if-it’s-a-procedure-‘they’re’-doing, JUST RUN, for-I-tell:

You’ve-stumbled-not into-Heaven; you-are in-some-hell!”

The LORD always drank water! from a leaky, clay jar,

Never-anything-like-liqueur – at a fancy dance bar!

For HEAVEN’s simplicity; LOVE, it is rough;

H – L L offers finery! more than enough!

Don’t-ever be saturated, until you are sick,

From-overindulging (pause) in “beauty-too-slick!”


READ: “ABANDON ALL HOPE!” from The Lord of The Dead!

The moral of this story: TOO MUCH IS NOT FINE!

Too-elegant-will-cause-you to-start-saying: “Mine! Mine!”

And you’ll lose all good sense, for-you’ll-always-fear-to-lose,

All-that-“Good-Stuff:” designer-clothes! expensive-booze!

Which, AT FIRST, is AMAZING, but, in time, is a burden,

And, eventually, Satan!? your-“carcasses”-will-be-“herdin!”

Plus, EVERY PROCEDURE requires a waiver,

To-hold-no-one-liable! “It-was-sad, (pause) but-we-couldn’t-save-her!

For, THERE-WERE ‘COMPLICATIONS,’ which we-NEVER could-have-foreseen!


fin <3

  • – Editor’s Note: It is clear this procedure must have been scheduled to be performed on Mars, for everyone know that a healthy Martian is quite green! If a Martian gets sick, the poor thing turns red or black! or striped! like-a Jupiterian!

And then she died a terrible death cause she ate all the food in the shack

So I kicked out the door onto Mars to rot into pieces of art I couldnโ€™t have

Just cause I put her on rations ~ stupid witch born on witches day in Texas