Mother Nature ~

“I’VE FORGOTTEN WHETHER SHE’S GREEN OR SHE’S BLUE!” a poem 7/22/19 – MOON-Day! The birdies were chirping, when the-bread-crumbs-they-did-glean, Provided by “the lady,” with the nails that were green! Yes! Compliments of SHE! who-need-never be-seen, For, She’s-in-green-camouflage! (pause) She’s-MOTHER-NATURE, old-Bean! SHE provides woodland creatures – with their daily bread, And She brings in Night Skies, […]


Memories of her bloody lust for dialogue and diamonds ~

“THE PROCEDURE!” a poem July 22, 2019 (Monday) I went to-the-most beautiful place I ever had seen! The offices were “adorned,” flawless! pristine! For my procedure, I-had-the-BEST-doctors-&-aides, Only smil-l-ing nurses – and-the finest of maids! The maitre d’ offered a luxury table! “Your stay will be excellent, for we are able, To-INSURE all “procedures” are-safe-&-effective; […]

Hanging out at Bars with Cowboys ~

“BE KIND! BE HAPPY! DON’T SING IT!” a Sunday poem, posted: 07/22/2019! That’s right! That’s right! Jesus-is-coming-here! He-hasn’t-been-in-Alpine* – for over a year! And He’s got-Him a-list; He’s checkin’ it twice!!! (That’s right!) To-find-out who’s-bein’-naughty-and/or-nice! This is His strategy: TO GO TO THE BARS, And check out peoples’ dispositions, for – it’s-written-in-The-Stars: “THE BENEFIT OF […]

You discovered today your an addict ~ senility overload๐Ÿคซ

“DISCOVERED TODAY!!” a poem, discovered today – in the car! with a bunch of abandoned CDs! Who knows what it is! Wow! It’s called: “RATIONS!” posted today: July 22, 2019 (Monday) What could it be? It seems to be dated: April 26th of this year! There’s A SUPERFOOD I have designed! You might just NOT […]

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