On this day 50 years ago, 20 July 1969 set foot on the moon

On this day 50 years ago, 20th July 1969 in (Australian) Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon, A total of twelve men have landed on the Moon. This was accomplished with two US pilot-astronauts flying a Lunar Module on each of six NASA missions across a 41-month period starting […]

Truth ~ Dirty little bit of scandal

“TRUTH?” a poem July 16, 2019 (Tuesday) “If I-am to trust you, I-WANT ABSOLUTE-TRUTH, ‘The-Truth, yes, The-Whole-Truth!’ ” said-John-W.-Booth!! “I NEED-always-to-know, I-can de-pend-upon-you, So THE TRUTH, yes, The WHOLE Truth -I’ll-expect-YOU TO-DO!” “OK!” [from-Honest-Abe!] “But-WAIT! Are-you-sure? For, sometimes – THE TRUTH! it-may-be a-blur!” “Well, the truth-is:-I-DON’T-TRUST-YOU!” so-John shot-Him-one-night, But he REALLY-JUST-DIDN’T-TRUST-HIMSELF! It’s hard, without-light! “Tell-THE-TRUTH,” […]

The Halloween Princess

“THE HALLOWEEN*** PRINCESS!” a poem July 19 2019 ADORA*-was-born with-the-name-of-a-princess, so you-know she-wears a crown, And-she’s-ADORned-with-a sequin-diamond-dress, silver-‘n’-gold-all-around! Her “regal” smile so betrays – The-“Blue-Blood”-which-through-her-veins-doth-flow, So, to-our-princess, the men folk clammer – for to-her they-wish to-go, To-be-close and-to-gently-feel – Her-royal-warm -ma- jest – y! I-love-her-and-love – to-say her-name – when-we-have -a-fine-“High-Tea,”** Where-she-is-presented in her beauty! […]

Lori Lakin Hutchersonย wrote this article for Good Black News. Lori is the editor-in-chief at GBN.ย ~ Humanity

My White Friend Asked Me on Facebook to Explain White Privilege. I Decided to Be HonestHe wanted to know how institutional racism has made an impact on my life. Iโ€™m glad he asked, because I was ready to answer. Most of what I share below is mild compared to what others in my family and […]


Still missing…Today is my son’s 33rd birthday. It’s been close to 10 yrs since I’ve seen him. Although he was last heard of in 2012/2013 by friends. He called an army buddy in Nebraska asking if he could stay with him for a bit before he went to Thailand. He also told his stepsister he […]

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