“YOUR LOVE IS PERFECT!” a poem. Tuesday: MAY 1st a.k.a.: “H Starts The Heart!”

My lover’s concerned that – she’s just “right” for me!

“I want to be HELPFUL, I really must be, To insure that I’m doing the right things for you; I don’t want you ever to feel tense or blue!”

“Oh, Darling, I’m HAPPY; your love HEALS me – You fill me with HOPE; Honey, please hear my plea: (That) You never imagine (that) our love’s less than HOT, You’re all that I’ve wanted!”

And, then, She said: “What?!”

“YES, your love fills my HUNG-r-RY Heart, this I tell; my lovely best friend; yes, you love, oh so well!”

fin. <3

  • Little Harry

    “I do not like to go to bed,”
    Sleepy little Harry said;
    “Go, naughty Betty, go away,
    I will not come at all, I say! “

    Oh, silly child! what is he saying?
    As if he could be always playing!
    Then, Betty, you must come and carry
    This very foolish little Harry.

    The little birds are better taught,
    They go to roosting when they ought:
    And all the ducks, and fowls, you know,
    They went to bed an hour ago.

    The little beggar in the street,
    Who wanders with his naked feet,
    And has not where to lay his head,
    Oh, he’d be glad to go to bed.

    Little Harry
  • Found

    We all get lost once in a while,

    sometimes by choice,

    sometimes due to forces beyond our control.

    When we learn what it is our soul needs to learn,

    the path presents itself.

    Sometimes we see the way out but wander further and deeper despite ourselves;

    the fear,

    the anger or the sadness preventing us returning.

    Sometimes we prefer to be lost and wandering, sometimes it’s easier.

    Sometimes we find our own way out.

    But regardless, always, we are found.

  • Jesus

    Hear me, O God!
    A broken heart
    Is my best part.
    Use still thy rod,
    That I may prove
    Therein thy Love.

    If thou hadst not
    Been stern to me,
    But left me free,
    I had forgot
    Myself and thee.

    For sin’s so sweet,
    As minds ill-bent
    Rarely repent,
    Until they meet
    Their punishment.

    Who more can crave
    Than thou hast done?
    That gav’st a Son,
    To free a slave,
    First made of nought;
    With all since bought.

    Sin, Death, and Hell
    His glorious name
    Quite overcame,
    Yet I rebel
    And slight the same.

    But I’ll come in
    Before my loss
    Me farther toss,
    As sure to win
    Under His cross.

    Kindness Prayer 🛐
  • Tomorrow My Love

    Good night, whisper quietly waves,

    Take your misery away with them.

    Good night, my dear friend,

    And tomorrow we will meet you again!

    Tomorrow ❤️
    Shalom 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️
  • Precious Beloved

    My, beloved in deep sorrow I want to say,

    We mean a lot to each other, and it’s hard to watch you suffer

    Always so tender, yet revered in spirit

    Sometimes you are super naughty, you just won’t be stopped!

    My previous so dear,

    on this day you are perfect just the way you are

    And on the words of nice words,

    Let sadness and sadness

    And instead of them on light comes joy,

    For you to always bloom and smile


    A thousand years from now we will dance on the stars tonight ❤️❤️❤️
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