Catholic Church Crimes against Children

Paedophile priest Robert Claffey has admitted to the abuse of 2 more children, His lawyer says he shouldnโ€™t serve more time as he was โ€œvilifiedโ€ for his crimes. Advertisements


Poor little thing ~

“THE HEART APP.!” a poem a.k.a.: “It’s Free!”* a.k.a. “Oh, I Don’t Know About All This Stuff; I Just Try To ‘Deal With It,’ Badly!” a.k.a.: “Another Misinterpreted Message From ‘The Intergalactic Federation of Planets,’ i.e.: Outer Space Folks!” Wednesday: July 10, 2019 Humans! OWN YOUR CRAZINESS! Fall in love! It’s THE CRAZIEST THING WE’VE […]

My wife the Mystery Queen ~ lives in a Box ๐Ÿฑ

“MYSTIQUE!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Life of Mystery!” from the popular poetic series: MIM MY (Mystique In Mystery, Mucho Yummy) Wednesday: July 10, 2019 There’s only one girl, in-all-The-World, made for-me! ONLY ONE (There-can-be-only-one!) She lives-across-The-Sea! She lives in Her Kingdom; she’s a QUEENLY BABE, And she lives – to LOVE — to moan, to-“outgrabe!”* […]

Little birdie ~ I really do love you

“I REALLY DO!” a poem 10 July 2019 (Woden’s Day!) I love the little birdies (and kitties); they’re happy and gay, And they chi-irp! and they me-eow – in-The-Most-Natural-Way! They’re-so-shy (like me!) and-they-like-to-eat-too, And-I-like-feeding-them nice-stuff, I do! Golly, if-there’s-a-Heaven, I’m sure they’re from there; They-don’t-seem-to-ever-hate-nothin’ – and haven’t-a-care, UNLESS!!! Kitty shows up when the birdies […]

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