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The journey and history of humanity has been filled with awesome wonders, challenges, and even downfalls in between.

All the same, there has been great progress even though a lot of waste has occurred here and there; this shouldn’t be allowed to continue: the waste of potential mind power—and probably spirit too.

Spirit, as most of us know it, is the invisible and immaterial force that animates all living things and beings. In human beings, it expresses itself in many ways through character and personality—and even achievements.

The mind, as an entity and component of the spirit, has power to express thoughts and feelings; also, it is the throne of reasoning in its conscious and subconscious parts.

In fact, the mind as the sum total of the conscious and subconscious states of an individual, has the potential/capacity to develop any thought and transform it into physical reality—such is the power of the mind.

And this power has been equally given to each person. Unfortunately, throughout the ages—and even till date—many people either waste their mind power, or create negative conditions that influence other people to do the same: waste theirs.

A brief look at mankind’s journey so far

At mankind’s inception, first came the Stone Age when life was much more dependent on strength, rather than the mind, intellect and sharp or deep reasoning.

After the Stone Age came the Iron Age when life was gradually becoming a bit more intellectually minded than it was during the Stone age. During the Iron Age the physically strong ones still had upper hands in very important affairs, even when many of them lacked intellectual mind power.

Later came the Golden Age when those who had intellectual mind power and material riches started ruling over those who depended more on physical strength than intellectual power!

The norm in today’s society is that people with high intellectual power run the world. Unfortunately, those who lack intellectual power—even though they might be strong—have been at the bottom of the ladder, much to their dismay.

It has to be noted that mankind is fortunate to have had people working at the bottom of the ladder; for without them, the world and intellectually-rich people wouldn’t have been able to achieve many great deeds.

The journey from the lowly cave man of the Stone Age (who feared lightning and fire), to the engineer and space scientists of today’s Golden Age, shows how deep mankind continues to dig into the mind, master more aspects of nature, and develop more intellectual power.

However, on the background and bottom part of the ladder in many societies, a lot of people haven’t utilized their minds as much as they can.

There is always a higher possibility that most people haven’t been aware of. Lack of awareness has led to waste of potential mind power, and spiritual well-being as well.

We’re in an age when each person can become their own master

Yes, as odd as it may sound, we’re living in an age when people don’t need to be the strongest (physically) or belong to a certain lineage before they can have all the opportunity in the world to rise to certain positions.

We’re living in an age when the physically weakest of humans can sit side by side with the greatest.

Great inventions have proven beyond doubt the amount of intellectual and immaterial wisdom, energy and ability reserved in the deepest parts of the mind—either, not yet accessed, or yet to be tapped.

Despite the intellectual height that has been attained here and there around the world, we cannot deny the obvious fact that many live amongst us who are still unable to utilize their minds as much as is actually possible—this has cost and degraded them, and probably the lives of other people living around them.

Human beings bemoan the loss of our forests, the depletion of oil and coal; humans decry the waste in resources and factories in war-torn zones.

However, the greatest waste of all is the waste of potential mind power, and probably spirit!

Most psychologists and people believe the average person uses only ten per cent of their mind power

Yes, each person has unlimited mind power—which is one hundred per cent complete. As is widely believed, most people use only about ten per cent of their mind’s full capacity—which is just their consciousness alone.

It is believed that the remaining ninety per cent of each person’s mind is subconscious, and is super rich in knowledge.

So by making active use of only ten per cent, which is the conscious part of the mind, one is exercising only a small part of their total ability—meaning that they are running on low gear.

This also implies that there is unlimited mind power in everybody, but most people don’t know how to take hold of it and use it.

And the major reason why many people don’t achieve great success in life is because they are contented with running on low gear—a.k.a. surface energy.

If the same people would change their mindsets and influence their subconscious minds to develop ideas, they would be able to move higher up and probably influence others to do same—or even more.

Even with GOD’s active powers sleeping within us, the crowning achievement for some of us is to remain on a level that is only a little bit more eventful than that of plants or animals.

Meanwhile, Mother Nature is persistently calling on us to awaken the power within us and become more active than we have been.


So our first aim is to believe that we have intellectual mind power.

Of course, most people know how the mind operates; but before they can use it properly, they have to realize that they possess more untapped power in their minds.

So it rests upon us to understand and utilize our minds more properly, and consistently put it to work.

History has witnessed lifestyles of wasteful intellectual mind power which current generations can prevent from reoccurring because we are in an age when people are consistently being reminded that spirit and mind are key—this information is everywhere.

The Golden Age has witnessed great people tap ideas, treasures and resources from deep within their minds to the surface—and gained astounding influence, wealth and power.

Even psychologists, academicians, spiritualists, meta-physicians—name it—all agree that the quality of the mind is all that matters when it comes to making it in life.

People will likely become whatever they make up their minds to become. Each of us has unlimited potentials and power, which, if properly harnessed and directed, can lift us higher than the level we are.

We have the power to be great thinkers and doers, and it’s our duty to learn how to use that power which is located deep within our minds.AdvertisementsREPORT THIS ADREPORT THIS AD

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Truth ~

Now that all buildings fall down if the foundation is not true. The world is doing the same as you lose sight of what is true. God is truth. Jesus birth, death and resurrection and meaning of it is truth. Accept this as your foundation and you will understand life that has a stability and a meaning to it along with love and freedom. All else will bring confusion, and we know the author of confusion is (Devil Fallen Angel) The times we live in nothing is stable for most everything has moved off its foundation. Return to God and gain life, love, peace, and the freedom to be without the wrong doings of the world and yourself.(sin). Then your foundation is a beautiful example to all others and a wonderful path that takes you home to the one who created truth and never changed. My love for you all is without measure because I died physically and spirituality to be raised with a higher understanding I had not seen or felt in my heart ever before to the same extent. God is aware of each of you and with a love unlimited invites us into a world that is eternal for the foundation is Truth. Love is the living truth. Amen.