Is there life after death ~ listen for yourself

This is my story told to me by an Associate some years ago David was a Doctor, very successful, not a man-made religious type at all. One day just out of the blue he sat in my office, across a desk, looking for answers from a confident David was a compassionate soul still he didn’t […]


Triple treat honey ~

“THREES!” a poem July 5, 2019 (Friday) Have you met The Triplets? (pause) They’re-a-TRIPLE-THREAT: Beauty! Beauty! and (pause) Beauty, You bet! Eyes! like-angels’ Half moon’s without-a-fret! Seeing The World – a little reluctantly, But together, they-throw-a-“net,” Of beauty and charm over you, AND They have a wonderful pet! Their-“pet” is-a-“doggie protector!” Fast-as-The-Wind! Gentle-with-friends, and-yet, You-KNOW […]

Fairest angel ~ thousand years old

“IS SHE EVEN OF AGE?” a poem Friday, July 5, 2019 My Girl! She’s-about-25, but some say: “She’s pushin’ a-thousan(d)!” Well, I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THAT! but I KNOW she’s A-ROUSIN’ And – She’s arousing me – every time I see My Girl! Is-she-The-Fairest-Angel in-E-ter-nity? (pause) YES! (pause) She is blonde! and she is bu […]

Haze till you drop you bastards ~ gotcha ๐Ÿคช

“KIDNAPPED!!” a poem July 5, 2019 (Friday) We’re-ALL-a-bunch of kidnappers, exploiting [one another] left and right; We kidnap friends-‘n’-neighbors! and family-members-“out-of-sight!” It may be for a few minutes, but-often for hours – OR DAYS! We’re just KID-NAPPERS! (pause) and-we-also-like to-“haze!”* To: torment and torture “our prisoners” ’til they cry; Then, we release them – with […]

When really nice people get REALLY UPSET, you-KNOW-they’ve-been-holding-it-in-A-REALLY-LONG-TIME!!!!

“REALLY NICE!” a poem July 6, 2019 (Saturday) And when-they -get REA-ea-ea-lly, REEEEAAAAlly upset, you-better break out The Lime, And-be REA-eally ni ce, serving say: vory-coconut-tea – or-lime-flavored gin-and-tonics! Or-else! You’re-liable-to-die because-they-might-have crude weapons, like spears and kniv es, tipped with onyx! Onyx knife tips! Chiseled! that can-cut you to “The-Bone!” Really, really NICE PEOPLE! […]

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