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“TINKER’S SONG!” a poem July 2, 2019 (Tuesday)

“TINKER’S SONG!” a poem July 2, 2019 (Tuesday)


Just “tinking-away”-here – in this H – L L,

With PETER-PAN, not-much-of-a-man,

Without-my helping – [and]-helping-han[d]!

I help-him in this world-of-woe,

And-remind-him often ’bout-what-He-don’-know,

Or-what-he’s-forgot, THAT-THIS-PLANET’s-A-DREAM!

So, there’re other-dreams to-which-we-might beam!

We’ll-travel “in-JOY” “with-Lights-of-Love!”

Some-places-‘re-below!!! and-some-‘re-above!

Some-got-nasty-girls – and-pirates – and-kings,

And (Lordy! Lordy!) “Lords o’-The-Rings!”

And Harry Potter’s – sittin’ on his pot,

And “PETER PAN, we-got A-LOT,

‘Cause-we-got: you -and-me -in-har-mo-ny.

But-I sometimes wish – I-could ‘set-you-on-my-knee!’ “

But-I’m-just-a-little TINKER-BELL,

Tryin’-t’-make-sure that-you’re-doin’-well!

fin <3

Not to mention the fact ~ HIV has you~ don’t worry about jealousy 😄 least of your problems 🤪

“WATER BOOST!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Ladies Will Like It Too!” a.k.a.: “Women Are Water; Men Are Fire!” 07/02/19 (Tuesday)

“There’re-so-many-wonderful-&-stimulating-choices, never-forgot-about-water!”

Said-great-gran’-pappy-on-m’-daddy’s-side; “I-don’t-think that we-aught-er,

Forget-’bout-water! and I-CAN PROVE-IT!”

So-pappy’s-grand-pappy, when-he-got-aRound-Tuit,

Got-out-his-science-kit, with E-lectrode-ing-lines,

Complete with some dishes – and liquids! and-wines!

He FIRED UP the light bulb, connected with cords,

And tested all liquids – to-show-WATER-AFFORDS,


FOR-TO-BE-A-“CONDUCTOR!” “And-it’ll-make-us-laugh!

He said, as he “shook His Wooden Leg!”

“So, drink up some water, [yet]-I’ll-not-push’-or-‘beg;’

But-you’ll-feel-A-LIVE, with AT LEAST FOUR a day;

Plus, drinkin’-wine-all-night! With-the-prettiest-[women], we’ll-lay!”

[But, “our ladies” were present, so he-then cleared his throat,

And looked-at-them-carefully! “BUT -the ‘women-of-note,’

LIKE – YOUR- ‘S -XY’-GREAT-GRAMA!” He said real quick!

“And-your-mum-&-your-wife, there’s-really-NO-NEED-to-pick,

O-other flowers!” (but, I-think I-did hear-him to-pray:)

“Never-forget:-’bout ‘other’-flowers that-might-roll in-The-Hay!]

‘CORDIN’-t’-DADDY: When-you-can’t-‘preciate – a-beautiful-lady,

Because – YOU-ARE-MARRIED! (Are-ye-blinded-now, Mate-y?)

When-you can-not savor, a hottie babe, Lad,

You’ve-one-foot-in-The-Grave, so, IF-alive, be-right-glad,

When a-fine-filly-comes-a-bouncing – and-SHE-has a fine look,

And-you-still-go: MY, MY, as-your groin starts-to-cook!”

But, when-MAMA-say[s]: “Papa! Now isn’t SHE PRETTY?”

Simply reply: “Oh! SHE’-just-an old bitty!”

For-if-you’re-lucky to-sleep with-YOUR-lady tonight!

If you want some-o’-‘er-charms, a-little-b’fore-bedtime-“bite,”

You-DON’T-wanna hear: “Not-tonight!’ simply-’cause:

You said: “Yes, she’s-pretty!” For, THAT NEVER DOES,

Nothin’-to-promote CONJUGAL BLISS!


fin <3

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“SMALL THINGS!” a poem a.k.a.: “Wreath of Comfort!” July 2, 2019

“SMALL THINGS!” a poem a.k.a.: “Wreath of Comfort!” July 2, 2019

There’s a speck on the mirror; there’s a fly in the ointment!

There’s a hair ticklin’ me nose, and-I’ve-got-an-ap-pointment,

To-meet-with Dr. Quincunx* – and-get-me-“relief,”

‘Cause-some-times it’s-just about One-Single-Leaf,

Or a small piece of food, caught in my teeth!

And REMOVAL! is-glorious! I-even-have-a-wreath,

That I-like-to put-up, when-little-annoyances go-away!

I call-it: “My Wreath of-Comfort,” and I’ll hang-it ALL-DAY,

And, you-know, even-if-I-notice the-slightest-v-g-n-l-obstruction,

My O.C.D. kicks in, and I’ll – affect a-reduction,

To insure that all quincunxes* – are-fin’lly put-to-rest!

Baby, I LOVE YOU, puttin’-me “to-The-Test!”

So, spread open wide! I’m comin’ in-side;

And-it’s THERE! Yes, FOREVER! That-I will-abide! 🙂 – Yippee!

fin <3

  • – QUINCUNX (astrological term): an aspect of 150 degrees, equivalent to five zodiacal signs, which signals SOMETHING! (a little thing) that – just makes you A LITTLE uncomfortable! AND, if you never deal with it, IT JUST STAYS THERE – and torments you . . . until YOU DIE! or – “Go crazy,” whichever comes first!!! 🙂 – Yipes!

The author of this blog post has opened up a secret Pandora Box and out jumps the word ” personal space ” plus ”safe words ” you may need to read this right now!

Read this author very carefully to learn the Secret to a forevermore relationship that you never learnt about at school.

Think about this, one day your partner suddenly stops texting you personal texts. Then you start the mind saying, hey, I smell a rat here! Something is happening, trust issues, overthinking turns you into a stalker text addict into begging to notice me, then he dries up and you wait for something? Remember the times he told you he loved you, he said you were the only one? What happened you fall in a heap, no talkback it’s over. Then after a couple of days, he rings you to reach out. You inside feel relieved and start questions about it. So you feel him freeze and he says I will text you tomorrow for a date night and you hang up feeling great cause he said he was going to ring you so you go to sleep happily and he doesn’t ring or text you the next night and you are exploding in misery. Okay, you know that feeling of being hostile miserable, life is a bastard. He is a user, broken my trust. Here is your first glimpse of your own demise. How many times have you had to rebuild your trust again in a new partnership? Heaps probably! Think about this for a moment its not your fault no one told you about those two words we started with, ”safe word” and ”personal space”

Two secret words ” personal space ~ safe word”

Personal Space

Here we are with our partners and all of a sudden you’re watching him when he sounds distant looks a little distant and you calm up with your mind telling you, oh my! what’s wrong, what have I done or said! Yikes, I smell a rat here. Overthinking you are asking all kinds of things and he is withdrawing from you. Yikes, and he hangs up on you or pretends to be busy. All of a sudden you feel shipped wrecked, abandoned. You know that feeling cause it’s happened before hasn’t it? Yes. You without being aware of just invading his personal space, as the author of the blog posts. ”a piece of wood caught in his teeth” he runs for the hills and subsequently practices OCD cause that is how he copes with ”invading his personal space issues”. Humans have learnt to self protect themselves by doing all kinds of learnt past self-defence against invasion causing past grief. That’s okay for both parties in a relationship. But here is your answer to coping termed Safe Word.


The loving relationship between people should kind, peaceful, playing together is staying together. Develop a safe word, one-word example, ”fly in the ointment” or one or either. Please note the author of the post above, that’s a great start. Both of you now know just one word explains how the other feels right then. It’s over. No questions, no upsets, allow your partner freedom of expression. It’s something in this new age termed ” KISS interpretation, keep it simple stupid 😁

Safeword ~ Sexuality

Sexual Abuse or intimacy between consenting parties in a relationship need to be able to share intimate moments too by adding a ”safe word” to protect both participants. If you feel uncomfortable one safeword cements the trust between both. Benefits both with confidence , a trusted bond between a couple. @bestofnatureblog