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This is a long and complex issue. But believe it or not, the world now is far less violent than it was, say, a thousand years ago. The impression that we are in an ever spiralling up cycle of ultraviolence is not so much because the world is more violent – it’s always been violent – but largely because we HEAR about it much more and importantly, much more quickly. News wise, the world is a small town and news – good and bad – spreads over it within hours or even minutes. As to the concrete slabs, they will protect people from SOME forms of attack, from others, not at all. That’s not to say it’s not a good idea, but that it’s not a perfect defence. There is no perfect defence against the enemy’s violence, it can only be reduced somewhat. Some forms of attack are almost impossible to defend against except by destroying the enemy before he can attack. We have been locked into a politically correct world where simply to name the enemy is seen as grounds for legal action or complaint. The enemy however, seems to be able to criticise our society with impunity and our politicians are so busy trying to win their minority vote, in a sea of bleeding hearts, political correctness and fascination with a ‘multicultural’ society that we had previously enjoyed, that they lose sight of the fact that, basically, they are the enemy. Multiculturalism only works when all facets of culture agree to share culture within the framework of a nation, it’s present socio-political structure and not to try and displace it and replace it with their own. The Greeks, Italians, Yugoslavs, British and other migrants of the past decades did that – and today they live amongst us happily – because they ARE us – they are Australians who support Australian socio-political values. But the enemy are different. They come as a mix of refugees – and simple illegal immigrants, sadly, mostly the latter. But that’s not the problem, I’ve no doubt some others have slipped past on occasion, but they fell into the great melting pot of Australian multicultural tolerance and, in the same way, became Austlralian, their kids are Australian and always will be. No real problem. The enemy is different. Wherever they go, they demand support and respect for their particular religion. Within some limits, that’s no big deal, we’ve never had an ‘official’ religion, hell the Constitution specifically say ‘no religious test’ amongst other things. This was intended to ensure religious freedom for all – be they Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu. Islam was just another minority religion at the time, it had no power here, the practicioners were few and isolated, the Afghan camel drivers the famous ‘Ghan’ train is named for were probably the best known group. But they were no threat to anyone and they practised their religion without demanding concessions – not that it would have done any good – that was not an era of political correctness and they knew they would be told, politely, to bugger off. Now it’s different. The Islamists amongst us are intent on not only gaining concessions for their religion – which might be tolerable to a small degree – but are demanding that it be legally protected from criticism and even that Australian law allow Sharia, their religious legal system, to be part and parcel of Australian law. Be very clear this is not for them to carve a niche in Australian for themselves, there are doubtless many Muslims that would happily settle for that, but to place themselves in a position to exert more pressure for change to accomodate their cultural grotesqueness with a view to ultimately dominating our society and changing it into something where many things we take for granted are expressly forbidden because these things ‘offend’ their religious beliefs and this enrages their short and largely uncontrolled violent tempers. They tolerate nothing that does not suit their Islamist ways. And now they resort to violence to achieve that – to get a shortcut to paradise and some vaguely unspecifed sexual paradise. And our women are considered fair game – ‘those whom you hold in your right hand’ ISIS does not have a monopoly on sexual slavery – and rape – which they consider fine if the female is an ‘kafr’ – an infidel or unbeliever and commits the heinous crime of exposing her flesh, thus arousing their uncontrollable lust – so its her fault she gets raped anyway. What’s more troubling is that our courts seem to be pandering to this – at least in part. A teenager that indecently assaulted multiple young women and girls was excused by a judge because his ‘culture’ believed it was ok to do so. This cannot be tolerated – his culture in his homeland is not our culture in ours – to suggest that we mus tolerate disgusting aspects of their culture in order to foster acceptance and the myth that Islam can be part of a multicultural society has to be slapped down hard. Why? Because Islam doesn’t do ‘multicultural’ it dominates, or it fights until it dominates. Their faith says that Islam must be the dominant religion and that others (specifically the ‘people of the book’ – jews and christians) could only be tolerated if they accept 3rd class citizenship, do not publicy practise or advertise their faith and are subject to being less than any muslim, even a muslim women. Don’t start me on Islamic attitudes to women, suffice it to say it is the antithesis of Australian and Western society and just leave it at that. This is the enemy, and they are not just at the gate now, clamouring to be admitted so they can ultimately dominate our society, but they are already within it. But wait, people say, they are only a small percentage of muslims, these Islamist terrorists and the majority of muslims don’t support their interpretation of Islam. Quite right. I had muslim neighbours once and they were good people. We didn’t agree on religion of course, though we didn’t argue about it – in some ways being an atheist made that easier – but they accepted my non religion and I accepted theirs and we got on fine – they had no problem having the kafr neighbour over for coffee on occasion and I had no problem with them doing the same, even had the odd bbq with them. No drama. They were Australian even then, as 1st generation immigrants and I’ve no doubt their kids, who wore western dress, even the girls, and went to normal public schools, turned out just fine. It was no big deal. That said, I suspect a lot of that tolerance and understanding was because of their nation of origin. They were Turkish, which had been a secular democracy, despite a muslim majority, and they were used to dealing with non Islamic people on a daily basis – so it was no big deal to them either. The new lot are different. There are only about 25-30% of the muslim popuation that support ISIS harsh version of Islam, but it bears remembering that only about the same number of Germans were Nazis or Nazi sympathisers and by no means that many were Party members. Yet we had to annihilate most of Europe to get them out of power. The problem is not that different. Yes, most of them just want to eat their halal food, avoid alcohol and go to the mosque on Fridays. They aren’t militant any more than most Catholics, who eat fish on Fridays and go to Mass on Sunday are like the violent sectarian Catholics of Northern Ireland. But the violent and vocal minority are dangerous in the extreme. Radical Islamists, and those who passively support them, and in some cases actively proselytize for them are the enemy. They are not misunderstood – they are radicalised to the point where violence against the infidel nation they live in is justifiable, if not by their own hand, but by those that they support. They are the enemy and they must be mercilessly dealt with. That’s the problem. We’ve gotten so immersed in preserving the crumbling castle of multiculturalism, we’ve failed to get the idea that Islam doesn’t want multiculturalism, it’s anathema to its core beliefs and contrary to the teaching of both Mohammed and the Q’ran. Other religions must be destroyed so that ‘religion is only for Allah’. That cannot be tolerated. The imported violence isn’t limited to religion either, the Somali gangs that roam Melbourne and terrorise, rob and rape with apparent impunity are another side of the story – they bring their culture too – because violence and mob rule in endemic in a land ruled by warlords – and we are not seen as a safe haven by these thugs – but as a soft target. They too, need to be ruthlessly put down. Someone once said that ‘violence doesn’t solve anything’. Well, sorry, but the lesson of history says that yes, there are some things that only violence can solve. Radical Islam, in the form of ISIS, is slowly being destroyed at its origin, but not by peaceful negotiation or ‘understanding their culture’ but by raw, naked force. Because nothing else will work. The local version are no different, the velvet glove of a legal system designed to give the average Aussie a ‘fair go’ if they make a mistake – or even several mistakes – is next to useless against these thugs – Somali gangbanger, Islamist, or both – and only steel fist will work – they need to be deported for any act of violence. No cultural excuses. No exceptions. Out. It might well be that some treasured values, like Section 116 of the Constitution, might need to be varied, since presently the government cannot legislate against a religion or its practices. In the case of Islam and it’s violent branches – perhaps that might have to be adjusted – in the same way as the Nazi party had to be proscribed in Germany – the political freedom of some had to be curtailed to prevent another Nazi disaster. S116 also allows Muslims in politics. Already we are seeing demands from them for legal protection of Islam from criticism – this is the thin edge of a very big wedge called Sharia and this CANNOT be allowed to gain a foothold. Islam can be no more immune from criticism than Christianity or Atheism, both of which Muslims seem able to perjure and profanely curse with impunity – apparently because it’s ‘their culture’ which seems to render any sanctions powerless. Political correctness that works against other issues doesn’t work against political Islamism – it empowers it. Until this changes, the situation will continue to deteriorate. How long will it be before our Police need to carry automatic weapons on a daily basis. The UK has gone from a place where the Police were nearly always unarmed to one where they carry military assault rifles. We’re on the virge of that. Now there are major changes to airport security – after some Islamists living amongst us almost succeeded in getting a bomb on an aircraft. The impact on Australia and our way of life is already too high – action needs to be taken and it needs to be decisive and it needs to be effective. Preventing youth from being ‘radicalised’ is one thing – but I think it’s time for terrorists to face a death penalty – if not as a deterrent, because to them death by our hand is a free ticket to a Martyr’s paradise. Perhaps we need to take a leaf out of Israel’s book here. Terrorists have their family home razed to the ground. Harsh? Yes, but the velvet glove isn’t working, so perhaps it’s time for the armoured fist.

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