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THE JOB!” a poem January 25, 2019 (Friday)

I do a lotta NON-WORK, but I sorta got it made;
I may not make much* money, ’cause I really don’t get paid!!
But I still dress in a suit, and – I don’t pay too much taxes,**
Although I live in TeXaS, my libido often waxes,
When-I-think-of-how-much-I’m-NOT-paying- for-Mr.-Trump’s-Border-Fence,
For I don’t think that THE FENCE (or Trump) – makes a lotta sense,
But I’m content; yes, I am! to just do-a-little NON-Work,
Which-is-more-than-most-people-I-know-do, who-sometimes-will-get-hurt,
At their job(s) – or just-worrying, about-not-having-“enough”-money!

The Illuminati,
The “Justice” System,
The Medical System,

So, I just do my NON-WORK, and I don’t much like the phone,
Or-the-Internet, but-I-still -sometimes-“throw-the-dog-a-bone!
And-I-feed the birds – some bread – and-the-feral-cat some grub,
And-I-say-“Hello”-to-all-my-friends, who say: “There goes that ‘bub,’
Who paints and sings and likes-to-hug-each-girl!”
And, in Heaven, on-my-tits-someday – I-might-just-twirl,
PASTIES!? ALL COLORS! for-“an-afternoon-show,”
With Jesus & The Buddha & some-other-NON-WORKERS you know!” 🙂 -Yippee!

fin <3


Artists work creating beautiful women’s bodies 

congratulations honey 

enjoy these fine pleasures for all men’s equisetum  delights 



* – OR any!

** – Teaxes? Yeah! I got an uncle that lives in TeaXeS! Alpine! Teaxeas


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