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“WHAT IS LOVE!” a poem a.k.a.: “When Forcing Love is Love Too And Loving To Destroy Love is Love Too And Any Love Is Good Love – And Can Destroy The World And Send Us Where Love Is Very Rarely Seen!” 29 Nov 2018 (Thursday: Karaoke Night at Ole Crystal Bar, Alpine, Texas!)

LOVE? is caring SO MUCH – for her happiness,

And knowing that – without-sweet-balance – things can be-a-mess!

Without Fresh Air- and Sun-and-Water,

Our bodies don’t function – as they ought-er;

Without some exercise – and a little food to eat,

Regularly! We, I’m-sure – can not greet,

A beautiful day! After we’ve a peaceful, pleasant rest!

Love is – giving the other – always – yes, your best,

But realizing! IF your lover always wants – even more,

That “over-loving” is-oft’ to be a chore!

LOVE IS BEING FOCUSED (but not obsessed) with the object of your desire;

LOVE – is HELPING! Which-means: to “faithfully” inspire,

Your-lover – to-get-their-“needs”-fulfilled, like-the-water-food-and-air,

Knowing these things – might require – that you-can”t ALWAYS be-“there,”

ALL THE TIME – so LOVE is (sometimes) about, giving your lover space,

And NOT-being-upset – IF you can not always see the face,

Of YOUR LOVER – as much as you think you do require,

Because: over-forcing love – time-wise – can cause-even-TRUE-LOVE-to tire,


And SOFT – and “loving,” truly-and-truly, “No, I don’t mind,

If we CAN’T be more and more intense,

For – I know – that the end of forcing love – well, it makes no sense!”

So! Easy-does-it! PLEASE! Read these lines – slow – and clear,

And JUST KNOW – I-LOVE-YOU-I-LOVE-YOU-I-LOVE-YOU, 100 (thousand) times,

My Dear!

fin <3

LOVE – CAN BE – a VICE!* At first? The pressure slight,

Then, tighter-and-tighter – ‘til we BREAK – because The Might,

Of an-unyielding-vice – can become SO intense!

True Love’s much more gentle – A VICE IT-AIN’T, for-whence,

Does True Love really come from? FROM FREEDOM & FROM EASE,

Of Heart & mind & soul & spirit – and Thank-you and Yes, please!

True Love, it’s got no pressure – is like a flowing creek;

It’s clear and bubbly – happy and moderate – makes you laugh-and-take-a-peek,

At everything – through Eyes Of Love-to-inspire-you-to-pretend,

* – multiple meanings here!