“SADOMASOCHISM 101!” a poem June 6, 2019 (Thursday)

A glutton [free?] for punishment!! “A glutton! Free? I AM?’

said Jesus, son of Mary – and-St.-Joseph [Mo.] ahem!

He sent The Holy Moley – to many people in This State;

It’s a fine state of confusion, but kiddies you must wait!

For, if you want lots of “spirit” to guide your little lives,

Be graceful – and quite tolerant – from Tupalo [Miss.] to St. Ives!

How can anyone be serious-around-her in this “Menagerie of Glass?”

Trump, with Charles, May and The Queen! My gosh, it is so crass!

They talk of amazing issues, like excess surplus from friendly trade;

What a bunch of jokers! (pause) Someone grab the “Raid,”

And spray (1) a pr[e]aying Trump; (2) a winking Camilla; (3) vermin-of-many-types!

THIS WORLD, with us humans, is a Divine Comedy! O. M. G.! and – Yipes!

Put you on – an evening gown! a nice suit! and some shoes,

And, suddenly, people are acting – as if they can not lose!

Jammed! with anti-depressants – and lobsters from The Coast,

With just enough sleep to keep going – and some butter on our toast,

We can all really think we can make this joke quite “real,”

With non-stop “cell reception” and AFFIRMATIONS – to-deal,

With death – and diseases and taxes! The Buddha would be well pleased,

To know that diverse religions – have got us “humming” like the bees!

We are waiting for our just reward, in Heaven or Nirvana,

And, as we wait, we’re-all-sc—ing: “I love this person I’m on-a,

ALL TIME HIGH! Oh, yes! I’m sure I’ll live forever!

It rained last night, but now-The-Sun shines! Yes, it’s splendid weather!

And as we dance and sing and spend bi-ll-ions of bucks,

We shall forget, as we drive along, that we might die from trucks,

That we’re passing on the highway, exceeding all speed laws,

Rushing to our friendly grocers, carrying organic food!-with-NO-FLAWS!

Eat and drink and party – for tomorrow – YOU MIGHT DIE,

And then you’ll-resurrect-like-Jesus! (pause) Here’s wet-dirt-in-your-eye!

fin <3