“J-Jay-S-D-Poet & Mystic-kind-o’-Guy,  Was-Indicted Just Today!” and-it’s-no-bloody-lie!

‘Cause, after-he-was-convicted! They “operated” on him!  They cut his body open!! Despite the pleas of MMm!*

They cut his “yacht” right open, (pause) with some power tools,  To find out what-he-was-smugglin’ – “We ain’t no bloody fools!”

Said Chancellor Phillipino, a darkened magistrate!

Who-also-said: “He-MUST- be ‘carrying,’ or-he wouldn’t feel so great!”

So the surgeons went right in there, for to remove “The Haul,”

 But, when they reached right in there, the drugs let out a call:

“You can NOT apprehend us; we’re-endorphins, yes we are!

And-with serotonin, dopamine – and oxy,** we’ll go far,

‘Cause we’re the LOVING CHEMICALS, and YES! J-Jay’s our host!

 In other times with other folks, we-were-called THE HOLY GHOST!

‘Cause we got LOVE inside us! And J’s got quite a lot,

Even though he doesn’t drink – or smoke no bloody pot!

He’s just-a loaded with us, ’cause He’s in LOVE, you see!

 And IF you-all will ever, (pause) FALL IN LOVE 

You-can-also-be-a-SMUGGLER, and float your blessed YACHT,

And find yourselves convicted – but WE’LL NEVER quite be CAUGHT!

For you can TRY to duplicate – our clever-chemical-schemes,

 Yet, we are ALSO spiritual, IF you know just what that means!

It means, your clever scientists and chemists (will) always lose,

To make synthetic substitutes – for us – we’re just like booze!

Who-knows-WHY – these things occur! No-one will ever know!”

AND SO! They sewed J-Jay back up! And let the poet go! 🙂 – Yay!

fin. <3

  • – an Australian advocate, who objected to J Jay’s vivisection!

** – oxytocin, the “sticky” chemical that BINDS all relationships!

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