Know that the wealth of your country is because it was created with love. You also praised your God (myself) in your heart daily for the health and wealth he provided. Then he seen you become selfish and connected to your egos and praised yourself . You made false gods of men and women so I Sent my son down to help you to come back into the love you were created from, and forgiveness was always open to anyone who returned to love . The pain I felt for my son in the embodiment of Jesus as the payment for your separation from truth filled my love and respect for all who loved him with me, and many of you turned back to me and You were blessed with some of the best land on the planet. but as the centuries moved on I perceive so many of you are choosing not to be in my family and worships false Gods and even yourselves over My wishes for you to be loved and happy within myself. The time now is close to when I will say amen and my son Jesus will bring only the family home to the love he offered to all. Hear my call this moment and return to my love in the movement of Jesus Christ with the guidance of our Holy Spirit. Our disciples and the messengers will be kept informed so nothing passes you unknown. I call this day through this one for he has gain much respect from us even though he sometime harsh on himself. Now I Jesus the Son have drawn to him beautiful loving people who support him in all ways and this is not unnoticed by the Father. There are many who seek his downfall but Angels watch over him. Amen.

My head and heart is overwhelmed dear God. in service of love always.

Luke Le Bree.


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