Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

My beautiful people know all that has happened in your life was to bring you to where you are today. You have returned to me because you can understand my love for you has no limit. Many of you had to go through much pain to arrive at reading this. Many of you thought you had the answers but you found that you associated myself with sterile places and had to swallow a lot of pride to become free in my unending love for you. Its time to value the beauty of life, for in doing this you value me.
Any people who value killing others as a way of life has not seen the value I see in the hearts of the innocents. Wars kill the innocent and they are my family. The day comes when all life will be honored for my eternal breath will be the only substance that will feed the love and joy I promise through the Father and Holy Spirit.. I call on you at this time to be as John who paved the way for me when I came to earth to bring you the gift of having a pure life that is now possible in my eyes. I now ask you to pave the way for all who are innocent yet trapped in Satan habits of death to not be afraid to be loyal to love and your God. Be as my messenger who was beaten up a lot as a child for he was small and younger than the ones around him from his classmates. He grew up hating himself as not being any good other than to his parents. he was abused in many ways but became strong in his love and sense of Justice. It was not untill he was married and had two children and being only 22 he found me for I knew him and to this day for all his mishaps His heart was loyal to me. He is having trouble writing this, but for me he will do anything I ask. I also have watched over all of you with coming before you and calling on your heart to respond and steer away from the mind of unworthy knowledge and move into the love of your hearts for your time has come to be strong yet gentle in the way you serve me. My children I love you.

Blessed and holy God, thank you for help setting us free to be love and to worship you and love our peers .. Amen.
Luke Le Bree.

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