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J.JAY SAMUEL DAVIS ~ bloody dependency on social media 🆘 Facebook

ULTIMATUM!“ a poem October 31, 2018: Wednesday!

“Hi! I am Mark, and I’m posting this NOW! – – –

You PEOPLE have-angered-me I’m “having a cow!” – – –

You NOW will all pay – for your com-pla-cency!! – – –

You ALL have been warned! by J Jay (Samuel Davis) and ME, – – –

That DEPENDENCY-has-a-price; soon you will know – – –

That you-are-all-addicted! This “phase out” will show! – – –

Just how addicted to-ME that you are! – – –

Addictive behavior – will leave a big scar! – – –

NOW! What will you do – with-the-free-time-that you spent, – – –

PLAYING on Facebook – I HAVE – made a dent! – – –

In your little, frail minds, for my brain’s really BIG! – – –

And! I’ll see-you-“cough-up”-money! I AM – gonna dig! – – –

Watching-people-squirm! as they give up their change, – – –

The cash they’ve-been-saving – for-that modern gas range! – – –

And for the many-new-devices – and gadgets InTel – – –

Wanted to sell them – You-can-all-go-to-Hell!! – – –

Unless you fork-over so much for each post, – – –

And-I’ll figure out more ways – of – making-you-“toast!” – – –

Actually, I’m NOT Zuckerberg, but your own Donald Trump! – – –

Heh, heh! Yes! Your government – is providing this bump! – – –

To show all you SHEEP – just-how-dependent you are, – – –

You really don’t-need food – or that new, shiny car!

You NEED social media – we have caught-you-by-“the shorts,” – – –

Yet, YOUR GOVERNMENT-is-controlled – by The Illuminati “warts,” – – –

Who have grown – and-have-been festering, for many a year! – – –

Actually! It’s J Jay (Samuel Davis) – who you really-need-to-fear!

For – he’s-gonna take all-this-money – and burn it up quick – – –

And-establish a new kinda monetary-system! It’ll-really-be-a-“kick!”

Not really! I’m-just-kidding! This-whole poem is a SHAM!

Who-knows-what’s-gonna-happen! I-really-don’t-give-a-damn! – – –

‘Cause there’s so-much mis-information – we-don’t-know’what’s-goin’-on! – – –

And, IF you-all feel (pause) like a stooge – or a pawn! – – –

Well, please, NOW, don’t worry – I bet everything’ll-be-OK – – –

‘Cause, perhaps, I really love you all! And my name is: J Jay (Samuel Davis)!

fin <3

Kisses and hugs! from: Alpine, Texas, U. S. A., Home of Sul Ross University, in the Heart of The Beautiful Davis Mountains! FAR! West Texas!! “Austin is Weird, BUT – Alpine is – Far Out!“

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