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“The Blocking Song: WHAT SOME WILL DO!” a poem June 28, 2019 (Friday)

She blocks and blocks and stops the talks,

And blocks some more: [She-says:] “It’s such a bore,

To have to deal with folks to-day;


And in the morning, sunlight shines,

And ALL-ARE-BLOCKED, and there are signs,

That she or he is almost GONE!

“I’m-sorry-I-blocked-you; forgive-me, John;*

Please TAKE ME BACK, or I might die;

Please, please, please – I’m gonna cry!”

[Later that same day:] “Oh, GOOD! I got a few ‘Friends’ back;

I AM a fine computer “hack!”

What’s THIS? How dare you do that NOW;

I’m gonna BLOCK – that racist cow!

I’m gonna BLOCK, ’cause-he-di’n-respec’-me;

I WILL-NOT-TOLERATE Rudeness! I’m free!”

“I’ll BLOCK-these-‘idiots,’ who-think-I’ll-not,

Block them too! GOOD-BLOCKIN’-I-GOT!

BLOCK!!!!! I-can-block – all day long;

I have composed – ‘The Blocking Song,’

For: YOU! and-YOU! and-stinky-ol’-YOU!

I’ll block you all; it’s nothing new!

I’ve-blocked your-sorry arses-be-fore;

I’ve-blocked-you-and-kicked-you OUT THE DOOR!

Oh-oh! Oh, no! What-have-I-done?


PLEASE! Somebody-help-me, help-me-for-I,

Have blocked MYSELF!” Oh! (pause) Hey-There! HI!

My Little Mouse – will-you-be-my-friend?

BUT THE MOUSE WAS SILENT, for we all tend,

To click and click – our mice – for-blocks!!!!!


fin <3

  • – and a host of other former social media friends!!
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