“I LOVE YOUR CAT!” 🐰 on being a kitty person

“I LOVE YOUR CAT!” a poem a.k.a.: “On Being A Kitty Person!” 

I just LOVE cats, especially YOUR KITTY – and all the things she’ll do!
So, when you say, “My kitty hurts,” well-then, my-kitty-sure-hurts-too,
Even-though-I-don’t-really-have-a-kitty – although-I’ve-always-wanted one!
So, I’m glad you let me borrow – YOUR KITTY1 ’cause-kitties-are-a-lot-of-fun!

They’re fuzzy – and cuddly – and-they-move-around-a-lot,
And, IF-I’m-ever-marooned-on-a-desert-island, a (beautiful) kitty’s-what-I-hope-I-got!

So-let’s-be-real-gentle-with-your-kitty; I like to kiss her so sweet,
And I like to tell her: “I LOVE YOU,” and – I also like to eat,
With – and cuddle – your kitty; it is my favorite thing,
To spend time with your kitty! Even-to-bed I’ll bring,
Your kitty – and-we’ll-comfort-one-another – throughout the-blessed-night,
And, when we rise at morning time, your-kitty-is-my-delight!

And, when your kitty’s caught “the bird,” and her lips are dripping red,
I-still-tell-your-kitty, “I LOVE YOU,” and-I-lay-my-aching-head,
On-her-and-tickle – kitty’s little nose,
And I watch your kitty – and-how-she-sometimes-grows!
So, in the morning, when we open our eyes,
I fondle your kitty – and get a rise,
That’ll-squirt-and-dribble, so-I’ll-propose:
“Come on now, little kitty! Let’s-play!-cume-over-here,”
And I’ll hold kitty tenderly! To-me, your kitty’s-so-dear!
Are there other kitty lovers-out-there? I-say-“Hail! to little ‘ V! ‘”
For kitty’s name is Valentina; come, Kitty! Sit-on-my-knee! 🙂 – Kitty’s are wonderful!


I’m A honey delight ❄ cream cone 🍦🍦🍨🍧🍨🍧🍨🍧🍨🍦


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