Girl of my dreams –

“GIRL OF MY DREAMS!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Love Is A Wonderful Thing!” 29 June 2019 (Saturday) in the series: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo [Go To Cincinnati?]!”

You’re the girl for me; you’re the girl for me:

Aus’ -an’-America, we’re-filled-with-righteous-glee!

We’re “bi-lat-er-al!?” and – WE REAL-LY FIT,

Although we-have-“fits,” quite-a-bit!

We’re-so-well-suited and filled-with-mirth;

I know I’ve loved you, from my birth!?!

And, I-know, wherever – on this Earth,

From Cincinnati – to Dear, Ol’ Perth,

I’ll always miss your charms and face,

And-I’m-glad-when-you-miss-me – with your mace,

Because it means – I-can-kiss-you sooner,

‘Cause, if-you-get-my-face, it’s-a real “burner,”

And my facial skin – swells up real good,

But – I-ADORE-YOU-adore-you – like nobody-could!

WELL, I-DO! I-DO! I-DO-do-do, Poo!

That’s-right! [as-always-or-usual!]

I’m – “crazy-[in]-love-with-you!”

fin <3

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