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“UNDOING THE NIGHTMARE!?” a poem June 8, 2019 (Saturday)

Life can be a nightmare! TURN IT ALL A-ROUND!

Say: “O. M. G.! The-Mystic-Poet! He is who I’ve found!!!

He has made my life – in-to-wine and sweet-a-cheeses!

All my monsters? They’re-SUBDUED! He’s kinda like-a Jesus!

Jesus Christ! My dream – has suddenly brightened-UP;

I’m sitting in a coffee shop, with-an-espresso in my cup!

The Poet is a-there, a-cooin!’ a-cooin’-in my ear!

Hay, now! Stop-that, Mr.-Wise-Guy! That’s MY-under – wear!”

[An aside:] {But, as he takes it off, with such eager charm,

I-guess-I-needn’t-have-had such-tra-a-gic alarm!

Oh, my! How nice! Coffee-and-a-cuddle!

Yummy, yummy! Yeah, but-He’s-not-very-subtle!}

fin? <3

Does the trick every time

This poet is John Keats! He-lived ’til-about-25,

And wrote some stuff about death; then, suddenly-he-wasn’t-alive!

He was-what-you-call-a-dreamer, but, of course, most poets are!

I think he dreams from Heaven now, sitting upon a star!

You ask, was he an-underwear-man-too! I gotta say, “I don’t know!”

John Keats